Overhaul standard of the hottest lifting grab out

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The overhaul standard for the suspension of lifting grab

(some steel plants issued the purchase policy of this month that PP materials must have the characteristics of anti tacking). When a weld seam of the bucket structure cracks for a total of 200mm, the side plate is 3.175mm, the steel ball is deformed, torn in many places, the bucket bottom plate is bent, deformed and bulged, and the dislocation between the blade plate seams is not suitable for the working conditions

(2) the brace is seriously bent and deviates from the center line by more than 100mm, two of which have been broken and welded for more than twice

(3) the metal structure of the head and other parts is seriously cracked, and the pin hole is seriously worn

(4) the blade is made of 16Mn material, and the grab is overlaid with wear-resistant electrode. The overlaying part is ground flat, and it should be repaired in time

(5) broken wire and excessive wear of grab wire rope

(6) parts are damaged, affecting safe production and grabbing goods

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