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Recent PVC Market Overview and brief introduction

I Market part:

PVC Far East c+f 465 ~ 480 $/T

Hong Kong c+f 470 ~ 480 $/T

Meihai Bay FOB 400 ~ 430 $/T

the above is about the performance characteristics and operating environment of the gas spring performance testing machine. What is relevant to the domestic market

5500 ~ 5600 ¥/t

5500 ~ 5650 in North China ¥/t

5400 ~ 5600 ¥/t

Zhongyuan 5450 ~ 5600 ¥/t

Southwest 5450 ~ 5650 ¥/t

II. Market Overview

recently, the domestic market has continued to be weak and the market has continued to decline, with a decline range of 100 ~ 150 yuan/ton. The main reasons are:

1. The social inventory in the domestic market is high (350000 ~ 400000 tons)

2. The price of imported goods is low. With the continuous development of science and Technology (4 because most brand manufacturers have moved their production to China; on the other hand, exports are also slowing down by 70 ~ 480 US dollars/ton, about 5400 ~ 5500 yuan/ton), which affects the psychology of people in the market

according to the analysis of the current situation, the international macroeconomic situation is still very depressed, market consumption around the world has declined to varying degrees, and the factors affecting China's domestic market are difficult to be completely eliminated in the short term. However, at present, due to almost all enterprises operating in the market, the driving force of market price downward has been insufficient, and it is expected that the future market is still in a weak market situation

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