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Overview of vacuum oil filter and its design principle

design principle of vacuum oil filter

vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the principle of different boiling points of water and oil. It is composed of vacuum heating tank fine filter, condenser, primary filter, water tank, vacuum pump, oil drain pump and electrical cabinet. The vacuum pump draws out the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the external oil enters the primary filter through the inlet pipe, removes large particles, and then enters the heating tank. After heating, the oil at 40~75 ℃ passes through the automatic oil float valve, which automatically controls the balance of the oil entering and leaving the vacuum tank. The heated oil is separated into a half mist by the rapid rotation of the spray wings. The water in the oil evaporates rapidly into steam and is continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled and then returned to the original water for discharge. The oil in the vacuum heating tank is discharged into the fine filter by the oil discharge pump, and the particulate impurities are filtered out through the oil filter paper or filter element, so as to complete the whole process of quickly removing impurities, moisture and gas in the oil by the vacuum oil filter, so that the clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet

1. Small size and light weight

2. Using vacuum to feed oil, a tubular rotary injector is installed. If the scientific use of equipment fault diagnosis technology reduces the resistance and speeds up the rotation speed, it has become the only ceramic aluminum new material supplier in the world; The ceramic aluminum steering knuckle experimental product cooperated with Jixiang automobile has completed the road test of the whole vehicle; Cooperating with COMAC to develop floor support beams and engine blades has increased the effect of oil-gas separation

3. The regeneration and purification function of deteriorated oil is added, the silica gel oil purification system is added, and the silica gel oil purification and impurity filtration are integrated. For slightly deteriorated transformer oil, after filtering out the impurities, it is adsorbed and regenerated by the silica gel oil purifier to make it meet the standard of qualified oil

4. There are two filtration methods for the oil purifier: one is the traditional oil filtration method - filter paper as the filter medium; Another method is to use the special fine filter element without filter paper as the oil filtering medium

5. One machine has multiple functions. When used on site, the original oil carrying equipment is used as the oil storage tank to make the hot oil circulate among the polyurethane of the equipment, so that the three functions of oil filtration, regeneration and hot oil circulation and drying can be carried out at the same time. Saving labor and time is really killing three birds with one stone. (EN most of them enter the landfill or environment d)

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