Overhaul of the hottest device increased again, an

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Unit maintenance increased again, PE supply fell again

yesterday, the ex factory price of Sinopec East China, central China, PetroChina East China and southwest LLDPE was reduced by 100 yuan/ton, and the spot price in North China was printed out; Down to, Shenhua 152 tons 7042 source of goods a large number of unsold 130 tons, the transaction price fell slightly to 8650 yuan/ton, l1605 contract discount spot price continued to return to 650 yuan/ton, the spot support continued to decline, the recent Petrochemical inventory continued to rise to 755000 tons, mainly due to the accumulation over the weekend, and although the overall social inventory also rebounded, it was still low. Yesterday, due to the continued weakness of oil prices, the stock market fell again, the market mentality was poor, and the transaction was poor, Petrochemicals also made profits again. Although the overall plastic supply continued to be tight, it was relieved to a certain extent; From the perspective of supply and demand, the PE maintenance device continues to increase to 1.01 million tons, and a total of 650000 tons of HDPE device maintenance is added by Zhongsha Tianjin and Maoming Petrochemical. Compared with XPS board polyurethane insulation system, the conversion of 10000 tons of full density device of Shenhua Baotou 30 back to 7042 is postponed to the end of the month. However, the 200000 tons linear plan of Guangzhou Petrochemical has been restarted recently, and the overall supply pressure is declining, but the demand pressure of provinces (regions and cities) has increased, mainly because the downstream just needs to continue to fall, Last week, the start-up rate of products continued to decline, and yesterday's market transactions became significantly worse, the demand for goods slowed down, and short-term pressure remained

the support of tight supply still exists, and the recent unit maintenance has increased again, and Shenhua Baotou's return to 7042 has been postponed to the end of the month, and the overall PE supply has declined again. However, yesterday's stock market fell sharply, the commodity atmosphere was poor from a technical point of view, the weakness of crude oil remained unchanged, the spot transaction was significantly worse, petrochemicals had accumulated inventory, and the price reduction area increased yesterday, and the pressure also continued to exist. There is a high probability that the plastic price will remain high in the near future, It is suggested that short sellers should be cautious in the early stage, and it is expected that the operating range of l1605 price today is yuan/ton

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