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The global lotion polymer for paint increased by 5.4%

the global lotion polymer for paint increased by 5.4%

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December 6, 2016

[China paint information] according to the latest research report of Freedonia, an industry research institution, the global consumption of lotion polymer for paint and paint will reach 5million tons in 2020, and the compound annual average growth rate is about 5.4% of the impact of this kind of friction force, And become the most important market for all kinds of lotion polymer products

the coating industry in major regions of the world is continuously developing towards water-based, and the demand for water-based emulsion paint and other products will further promote the consumption of lotion polymers. It is expected that in developing countries, the progress of water-based coatings will be the most obvious, because these markets are most likely to replace solvent based coatings with water-based systems while the overall coating industry is growing rapidly

in addition, the healthy development of the construction industry in North America and the economic recovery in Western Europe will also generate further demand for the consumption of lotion polymer products

upgrading from solvent based to aqueous system is the main strategy used by coating suppliers to meet the requirements of VOC regulations. In North America and Western Europe, the trend of transferring coating product systems to water is the most common, because these regions have the most stringent emission restrictions. At the same time, because water-based technology meets environmental regulations and its performance advantages (such as durability, low odor, easy to use and clean, etc.), it has been quickly loved by consumers all over the world

Freedonia believes that in 2015, water-based coatings accounted for more than half of the total output of global paints and coatings, and the rest of the systems include solvent based coatings, powder coatings and radiation curing products. Water based coatings dominate the architectural coatings market in most regions, but their utilization rate in developing countries (such as India) is still low, because these countries still rely heavily on low-quality products. In addition, water-based coatings in the Asia Pacific region are also at a market disadvantage, because the industrial structure dominated by large-scale industrial projects in Japan, South Korea and other countries has led to the dominance of industrial coatings over architectural coatings

in addition, this research report also shows that the overall global demand for lotion polymers was 10.2 million tons in 2015, with a market value of US $27.5 billion. The average annual growth rate in the future is expected to reach 4.2%. By 2020, the total amount will reach 12.5 million tons, with a market value of US $37.2 billion. In addition to high-quality coatings, the driving force of growth also includes the strong growth of consumption of paper and adhesives, especially in emerging economies in Southeast Asia

China is expected to account for more than 25% of the global sales of lotion polymers in 2020. Its domestic coating, paper and adhesive industries are supported by huge consumption and are rapidly transforming to water-based formulas due to increasingly stringent emission regulations. However, the country with the fastest growth in the consumption of lotion polymers in the world will be India. Due to the stimulation of the increase in household income, the consumption growth of architectural coatings products in this country will be very strong

acrylic latex suppliers will continue to find significant growth opportunities in Malaysia, and the local production of nitrile gloves is rising rapidly

until 2020, it is expected that acrylic lotion polymer will still be the largest and fastest-growing product type in this field. It is expected that new materials can be listed as soon as possible, mainly due to the growth in the application field of lotion architectural coatings in developing regions, and the increasing proportion of water-based technology in the field of high-performance industrial coatings and special coatings. Application and scope of application of adhesive film pendulum impact tester: the strong growth of the market will promote the growth of vinyl acetate polymer sales. At the same time, the increase in the output of high-quality coated paper is expected to support the demand for styrene butadiene liquid products

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