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Loudi fire matchmaking media carried out a special fire-proof coating crackdown on counterfeiting activities in line with the mediation and upgrading of people's economic tensions, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc.

Loudi fire matchmaking media carried out a special fire-proof coating crackdown on counterfeiting. The mainstream of the steel raw material market was weak, and individual markets were stable and positive

April 22, 2014

[China paint information] in order to plan the market order of fire-proof coating products, Crack down on fake and shoddy fire retardant coatings. On April 21, Hunan Loudi fire brigade went deep into the sales points of fire products to carry out a special surprise inspection on the quality of fire retardant coatings

inspectors successively carried out surprise inspections on the sales places selling fire-proof coatings, such as the 418 building materials factory and the Wujiang building materials factory. During the inspection, the inspectors carefully checked whether the fire-proof coating has the qualification inspection report LCD screen issued by the national fire quality inspection center, whether it conforms to the market access system for the initial ground stage test, and whether it is a qualified fire-proof product in strict accordance with the "rules for on-site inspection and determination of fire-fighting products". Once fake and inferior products are found, they shall be confiscated according to law and ordered to make corrections within a time limit

the fire brigade invited the "city channel" of the municipal television station to conduct a full follow-up shooting and reporting of this anti-counterfeiting action of fire-proof coating, in order to further plan the order of fire-proof coating products, improve the fire safety awareness of merchants, and reduce fire hazards from the source

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