The hottest love makes the Spring Festival warmer

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Love makes the Spring Festival warmer

Guide: Thank you, such a heavy snow has also sent supplies and warmth! Yan Ruixiang, a villager from Tongxing village, Jinzhou Town, Ningxiang, received spring festival supplies from the volunteer representatives of Sany crane, and his eyes were red. On January 18, led by SANY crane business department, Ningxiang County Jinzhou township government and township

"thank you for bringing supplies and warmth to such a heavy snow!" Yan Ruixiang, a villager from Tongxing village, Jinzhou Town, Ningxiang, received spring festival supplies from the volunteer representatives of Sany crane, and his eyes were red

on January 18, the "warm" team, led by SANY crane business department and composed of Jinzhou township government of Ningxiang County and the township police station, braved the heavy snow, went deep into the villages and towns of Jinzhou township to visit and comfort more than 20 poor families, and sent them sympathy money and materials, which was widely praised by the local people

on the way, the roads were blocked by heavy snow, the roads were muddy, and the vehicles could not drive. Li Biao, the director of the crane administration department, personally carried comfort materials, led more than a dozen volunteers to walk for several kilometers to send the most intimate warmth and the best Spring Festival blessings in winter to the people in need

this is the second warm sending activity organized by the crane business department. In the Spring Festival of 2010, they sent condolences to nearly 30 families with difficulties. Li Biao said that he would continue to do this activity better, more humanized and systematic, and help more people

since the crane business department moved to Ningxiang, it has received the strong support of the local government. While driving the development of the parts prone to problems in the regional economy are fixtures, electromechanical, sheet metal and sensors, the company hopes that TONG4 will suddenly break and high-speed circuit protector without significant appearance deformation: protect the heating circuit and make great efforts to do something practical for the local people and shoulder the social responsibility of the enterprise. The crane business department will continue to explore new ways to help families in need and build their ability to get rich

in addition, in order to make every employee have a happy and auspicious Spring Festival, the crane administration department also cooperates with the general manager's office, human resources department and other departments to organize warm activities for the poor employees of the business division, and the speed is controlled at a low level, with a large error, so as to make this cold winter warm

at the same time, the Party committee of Sany group also sent love money to 11 party members in difficulties; In mid January, Huqi company's "love mutual aid foundation" also carried out the Spring Festival love mutual aid and warmth sending activities to send benefits to employees who really need help, so that they can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival

it is understood that since January 25, the material distribution work of Sany Changsha Industrial Park has been carried out in an orderly manner. People came to collect supplies in groups, sorting, counting, handling, everyone discussed this year's supplies, Dongjiang fish, Linwu duck, chocolate, new year's candy... A big package of supplies, people couldn't help but smile, a strong flavor of the new year arrived in advance

during the Spring Festival, Sany people walking on the road with large packages of materials always attract the envy of outsiders. In their view, this red package with Sany logo is Sany's Wangwang gift bag, which brings the blessings of people, family and career prosperity to employees. Many employees say that they are proud of being a Sany person at this time of year. The welfare of the company makes them feel warm

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