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Last year, the loss of 9.2 billion was planned to close four oil fields, and Shengli oil field cried out that it would freeze to death.

for the "three barrels of oil" that dominate domestic crude oil exploitation, the continuous sharp fall in international crude oil prices has made it difficult for it to survive. Shutdown may be the way to "stop bleeding"

on February 16, news from Sinopec Shengli Oilfield showed that Shengli Oilfield decided to shut down four oilfields, Xiaoying, Yihezhuang, Taoerhe and Qiaozhuang, as a whole this year. It is worth noting that the article issued in the evening of February 16 has been deleted in the afternoon of February 17. For the reason, the relevant person of Shengli Oilfield told that the content was not completely true. "The shutdown action is still in the demonstration stage, but it is only temporarily shut down. In the later stage, when the oil price rises to profitability, production will resume."

in the view of many industry analysts, under the current depressed oil price situation, the exploitation of many old oil fields of "three barrels of oil" is facing the pressure of high costs. It is understood that the above four oil fields involve a total of 200 oil wells, and the production in 2015 was only 57700 tons

Shengli Oilfield suffered huge losses due to low oil prices

on February 16, the price of London Brent crude oil futures for April 2016 fell by $1.21 to close at $32.18 a barrel, down 3.62%

as early as January 21 before the Spring Festival, when the Brent crude oil futures price was $27.79/barrel, there was a popular paragraph in the circle of friends, "Nongfu mountain spring was 1.5 yuan/500ml. If you convert it, Nongfu mountain spring was 3000 yuan/ton, and crude oil was 1344 yuan/ton, you suddenly feel that you can't afford to drink water... Pick it up and feel soft, and drink it down with stomach pain."

according to Gao Jian, crude oil analyst of zhuochuang information, the current crude oil price has always been low. For old oilfields such as Shengli Oilfield, the production cost is high, and shutdown may be the main way to stop losses

in an interview, the above Shengli Oilfield people said frankly that the low international crude oil price has directly affected the benefits of the oilfield, and it is helpless to consider shutting down the oil wells with low benefits

in fact, for Shengli Oilfield, which has been exploited for more than 50 years, the impact of low oil prices is unprecedented. Shengli Oilfield fell into a loss for the first time in 2015, turning from a large profit-making enterprise into a loss making enterprise, with a loss of more than 9.2 billion yuan for the whole year. Since 2016, the international oil price has been far lower than expected, and Shengli Oilfield lost 2.9 billion yuan in January alone

in the face of the harsh market winter, the leaders of Shengli Oilfield shouted: "if this continues, it will freeze to death!"

the loss data has been verified by the business department. Shengli Oilfield said to that the low oil price inevitably makes the oilfield have to have cost control. Among them, pendulum zigzag impact testing machine is the most widely used and the method is the simplest action

relevant information provided by zhuochuang information shows that the average cost of domestic oil field exploitation is about $40 per barrel, and the current oil price of less than $30 has already fallen below the breakeven point

Gao Jian said that due to the gradual reduction of resources and the increasing difficulty of exploitation, it has become increasingly difficult to stabilize production in many oilfields. Coupled with the sharp fall in international oil prices, domestic oil field production has suffered large losses

Shengli Oilfield has gone through 55 years of development since its discovery. Among them, since 1996, the average annual output has been stable at more than 27million tons for 20 consecutive years. However, industry insiders pointed out that since the second half of 2014, the international oil price has fallen as a whole, and the center of gravity of the oil price has been moving downward. In 2016, it is likely to become more and more intense, and stable production will put the oil field under greater pressure

in fact, it is against the above background that Shengli Oilfield, which opened its first industrial oil flow well on April 16th, 1961, will shut down the oilfield for the first time in more than 50 years of production history

"three barrels of oil" is no longer yield oriented

facing the situation of low oil prices, Shengli Oilfield pointed out that the core work of oilfield development is low-cost development strategy. Shengli Oilfield confirmed that the clamps needed for the temporary shutdown of Xiaoying, Yihezhuang, Taoerhe and Qiaozhuang are 5hua8men oilfield

among the 70 oil fields successfully developed in the four oil fields that will be shut down, the benefits rank at the bottom. The above-mentioned Shengli Oilfield personnel told that the four oilfields were only temporarily shut down, involving a total of 200 oil wells. The output in 2015 was 57700 tons, while the total output of Shengli Oilfield in 2015 was 27.1 million tons

it is worth noting that according to the current oil price, after the shutdown of the four oil fields, it is expected to save 130million yuan and reduce losses by 200million yuan

in Sinopec system, the keynote of crude oil production reduction has become a reality in 2015. On the evening of January 27, Sinopec announced its performance forecast for 2015, in which oil and gas production and domestic crude oil production fell

this is also the first year-on-year decline in crude oil production since the reorganization of Sinopec Group in 1998. At the same time, Shengli Oilfield is not the only oilfield that has reduced production. According to the 2015 government work report of Heilongjiang Province, from 2015, Daqing oil field will reduce its output by 1.5 million tons a year, which will lead to negative growth in the added value of the oil and gas exploitation industry in the province for several years

hanxiaoping, chief information officer of China energy, said that under the depressed oil price, the exploitation of many old oil fields of "three barrels of oil" is facing the pressure of high costs, so "three barrels of oil" has also changed its business philosophy, which no longer takes stable production as the primary goal

for example, CNOOC said in early 2016 that the oil price of less than $30/barrel made the operation "very difficult". It plans to reduce this year's capital expenditure from 67.2 billion yuan in 2015 to no more than 60billion yuan (US $9.1 billion), which is the third consecutive year that CNOOC has reduced its capital expenditure. At the same time, CNOOC also plans to reduce crude oil production, which is expected to produce 470million to 485million barrels of oil equivalent this year, compared with 495million barrels last year

Gao Jianxiang said that as China's oil consumption continues to grow rapidly, the decline in domestic crude oil production is bound to further increase the external dependence of crude oil

in fact, in the case of high domestic mining costs and low international oil prices, there are voices in the market that we should reduce domestic production and increase imports as much as possible

however, in Gao Jian's view, not to mention that the shutdown of the oil field will bring a series of follow-up effects, just to say that the storage capacity of domestic crude oil has restricted the continuous and substantial import of crude oil

according to the data previously released by BP, China's crude oil reserves were 18.5 billion barrels by the end of 2014, accounting for only 1.1% of the world

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