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Furongwang constantly upgrades its anti-counterfeiting technology

it has been the pursuit of Changde cigarette factory for many years to pay close attention to consumers and safeguard their rights and interests. The anti-counterfeiting technology of lotus king and its family products is constantly upgraded and improved, mainly reflected in innovative appearance anti-counterfeiting and intimate digital anti-counterfeiting

I. appearance anti-counterfeiting

1. Lotus king, lotus King (blue)

laser holographic marks are used on the back of bar boxes and small boxes

the outer ring of this sign is a colorful reincarnation rotating halo; The inner circle is represented by the three-layer pattern of the main pattern "lotus flower", the Chinese pinyin "furongwang", and the original font of the Chinese character "Lotus king" True and false identification - thousands of commodity identification methods

2. Lotus King (blue soft)

holographic anti-counterfeiting signs are used on the back of strip boxes and small boxes

viewed from the front: hibiscus flowers are clear, brightly colored, three-dimensional, and the color of aperture and English words change quickly

turn the figure 90 degrees, and you can clearly see the words "Lotus king" and small English characters. The small English characters change colors from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, like running water (the latest technology, laser technology can't do it)

the small English letters on the bottom of the square grid have miniature characters and crown patterns in the middle of each line, which can only be seen under the microscope if they are not scattered (the latest technology, laser technology can't do it)

1. Use the temperature for a long time (8.0-2.20 ℃), there is a dark mark (CF Technology) in the lines of the square grid. Under the irradiation of the laser light, you can see the transformation from the crown to the three words "Fu", "Rong" and "Wang", producing animation effects

3. Lotus King (diamond)

colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeiting. The outer package trademark is printed with colorless fluorescent ink, which is the latest offset printing anti-counterfeiting ink developed by the largest anti-counterfeiting ink production company in the world. It flashes red under the UV light, which means to identify the authenticity

DNA identification. On the side of the lotus King (diamond) outer package, the lotus King three characters contain the DNA components produced by our factory. Aim the special pen at this part, that is, it shows a green bright spot; At the same time, the color font can be smeared with a special detection solution in the laboratory. If the color font changes color, and the original color is restored after the detection solution is dried, it is the genuine product

anti counterfeiting of light variant ink: use the light variant anti counterfeiting ink that has been used in RMB. The flowers at the bottom of the box are printed with light variable ink, showing green and purple colors from different angles. They are made by professional software and cannot be copied

<5.6 percentage points higher than the industrial added value of national industrial enterprises P> Second, digital anti-counterfeiting

applicable brands: furongwang series, Dongfanghong series, Furong (boutique), Furong (Queen of yellow)

a group of highly discrete and unique 18 digit product anti-counterfeiting numbers (i.e. product ID codes) are sprayed on each box (strip) of product transparent paper of the above brands, so that counterfeiters cannot counterfeit in batches

800 - free service. According to the voice prompt, consumers can dial this number and enter an 8-digit anti-counterfeiting number to obtain the product authenticity information. For cities that have not yet opened acutely, it is recommended to close all other sequential 800 services, you can call 0736 -. Its query function is exactly the same as 800 -

SMS query system. Just send the 18 digit anti-counterfeiting number as a text message to the special service number (), and the system will automatically reply to the authenticity of the product

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