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Domestic instruments lack a special solution developed for the object of use. Short circuit timer

Abstract: jsy-3b1b short circuit timer is specially used to monitor whether there are problems such as voltage loss, current loss and short circuit non measurement on the TV secondary side and TV secondary side of electric energy measurement. Especially when the power supply and consumption in urban areas are relatively large, the management scope is wide, and the power consumption is complex, it can accurately protect the interests of power supply enterprises from loss, and maximize the authenticity, reliability and scientificity of power supply

key words: load test locking technology of loss of voltage, current and short-circuit timer 1. Basic function and wiring diagram of jsy-3b1b loss of voltage, current and short-circuit timer. This instrument is specially used to monitor whether there are the following metering abnormal states on TV secondary side and TA secondary side of electric energy metering· Disconnect one phase voltage or multi-phase voltage to make the electric energy meter lose voltage and lack phase, resulting in less or no meter· Disconnect one phase current or multi-phase current to cut off the current of the electric energy meter, resulting in less or no meter· The TA at the secondary side of the metering is short circuited and shunted without permission, resulting in less or no meter· Metering secondary circuit fault caused by loosening the screws of voltage transformer, current transformer or terminal box at the end of the meter without permission· The secondary circuit fault of measurement caused by the overload burning out of the secondary terminal of current transformer or the poor contact accident of the connection point caused by long-term oxidation· Current transformer or meter internal wiring fault and secondary circuit fault· The negligence of the staff caused leakage, wrong connection, loss of voltage or disconnection. The instrument adopts an integral aluminum alloy base frame, which has reasonable structure, good seismic resistance and strong anti electromagnetic interference ability. Judge whether the voltage phase sequence at the secondary side of TV is correct or wrong, connect the positive phase sequence of three-phase voltage to the instrument, and the "phase sequence pair" indicator light is on, otherwise it is not on. The current transformer is used to replace the backup battery, so that the TV three-phase simultaneous voltage loss timer becomes permanent. The integral mechanical digital counter is used for timing to ensure that the recording time will not be affected by power failure and will never be lost. The counter reset device is set inside the instrument and can prevent abnormal reset operation. The installation and wiring method is simple, and there is no need to install any auxiliary devices in the secondary side circuit. 2. Application of jsy-3b1b voltage loss, current interruption and short-circuit timer this instrument is widely used in the management of power supply enterprises in Siyang County. A total of more than 40 voltage loss timers have been put into the meter management process of power consumption enterprises in Siyang County. Taking a cotton textile factory in Siyang County as an example, since the enterprise was put into operation in February 2004, the monthly power consumption has been around 100mhw. Compared with the same capacity in the same industry, the electricity charge has been abnormal. The reader immediately contacted the user supervision. After the relevant departments organized and identified, the enterprise forged the power supply seal, opened the TV back door to steal electricity intermittently, and installed the jsy-3b1b electromagnetic clutch pull in voltage loss, current interruption and short-circuit timer, The electricity consumption of the enterprise increased from 100mwh to 200 MWh. On December 30, 2004, a machinery factory in Siyang County caused the A-phase of the TV primary fuse to blow for 15.5h during the production process due to the large power consumption of the boiler. From the beginning to the deadline for settlement and payment, the factory did not cooperate, and the electricity charge of more than 500000 yuan was delayed. Power supply enterprises have repeatedly come to the door to collect without results. Finally, we implemented power rationing procedures in accordance with legal procedures. The enterprise appealed to the local court due to power cut-off, and the court investigated and obtained evidence in a timely manner, especially the true record of phase a voltage loss of 15.5h reflected by the voltage loss and cut-off timers respectively. Finally, the court ruled that the enterprise must pay the electricity fee owed of 500000 yuan and the economic losses caused to the power supply enterprise due to power restriction in time, not only bearing all the litigation costs, but also accepting the late fees of 3/1000 of the electricity collected by the power supply department, which will occupy 2/5 of the machinery sales market by 2017. 3. Shortcomings of jsy-3b1b type loss of voltage, current and short-circuit timer jsy-3b1b type loss of voltage, current and short-circuit timer is an electromechanical product. At present, it is applied to 315KVA and above special transformer users, and 315KVA and above special transformer users basically implement time-sharing electricity price (non industrial), but the instrument cannot record the time of loss of voltage, current and short-circuit in each period. Conclusion the anti-theft function of jsy-3b1b type loss of voltage, current and short circuit timer is installed inside the instrument, so there is no legal person to destroy it. Moreover, the instrument has reasonable size and convenient and flexible installation and wiring. Different combinations can be selected according to the requirements of users for the main electrical wiring, which has strong adaptability. The maintenance of single equipment is convenient, and the maintenance strategy of overall replacement of standby phase can be realized. The auxiliary conductor and some facilities can be replaced without power failure, which can greatly reduce the power failure time. Its price is cheaper than the conventional meter monitor. It is more suitable for county-level enterprises to install projects for large power users in urban areas. It is understood that many enterprises in Northern Jiangsu have adopted this product, which also represents the recognition of jsy-3b1b by the county-level power supply enterprises to turn off the power supply of oil pumps first and then turn off the equipment power supply industry management. Since jsy-3b1b type voltage loss, current interruption and short-circuit timer should be matched with the user's metering cabinet, the technical parameters and test requirements of the equipment components should be demonstrated or modified in practice. It is absolutely impossible to simply operate and implement the conventional GTS data standard according to the wiring mode of the relevant TA junction box, otherwise, the effective power factor and output of the equipment will be greatly reduced

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