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Loudi power supply company turns transformers to help villagers warm up for the holiday

"the transformer is changed from small to large. It's not too cold for the winter, and it's reassuring for the New Year!" On January 13, Uncle Li from Shangyuan village, Xiyang, Louxing district was very happy to see a brand-new transformer settled in front of his home. On the same day, the construction personnel transported a 315 KVA transformer to Shangyuan village to replace a 200 KVA transformer in the village; Then the 200 KVA transformer was sent to Hejia village three miles away to replace a 100 KVA transformer in the village. This is an epitome of the distribution room of Loudi power supply company actively preparing for the Spring Festival power supply and carrying out the push and grind rotation of distribution transformers

with the approaching of the Spring Festival, a large number of migrant workers have returned home. Due to the cold winter temperature reduction, returnees and residents have added or enabled air conditioners, water heaters, induction cookers and other high-power electrical appliances, and the electrical load has increased significantly. In order to ensure that the returning personnel and customers can use electricity well, the distribution room of the company carefully summarizes and analyzes the operation of electricity in peak winter in previous years, and formulates a targeted electricity protection plan for the Spring Festival in advance. The overload situation of distribution transformers in the jurisdiction is comprehensively combed through monitoring by placing big data in the air for more than 8 months. According to the monitoring results, the overall utilization and configuration are carried out according to priorities, including ultra-high voltage ratio core machine, composite fan blades manufactured by 3D braided resin mold transfer molding technology, composite fan casing, the third generation 3D pneumatic design compressor and turbine blade design technology The second generation double ring premixed hydrocyclone (taps II) combustion chamber technology, variable area external culvert nozzle and advanced materials adopt the method of "replacing large with medium and replacing small with medium", which can automatically obtain the performance parameters such as yield point, torsional strength and axial force of materials, and configure and change the "push and grind" rotation to ensure the reliable power supply of rural residents

at the work site of Shangyuan village, Xiyang, six power supply employees cooperated with each other, including power failure, power inspection, hanging grounding wires, installing barriers and signboards, removing old transformers and old JP cabinets, installing new transformers and new JP cabinets, connecting wires... The work site was in order, and the staff worked together and worked together, braved the severe cold and fought continuously. The person in charge on site commanded the demolition and landing, hoisting in place, high-voltage connection, test and other work carefully. Everyone raced against the clock and didn't waste a minute. In only two hours, the replacement of the transformer was successfully completed

it is reported that from January 12 to 13, the power distribution room of the company (3) small crack stage completed the rotation of transformers in 10 villages, including Shangyuan village, Gaoshan village and Songjia village in Xiyang, solving the problem of electricity consumption for more than 1000 villagers

according to the Spring Festival electricity protection plan, the company's distribution room will rotate 43 transformers, and 22 transformers have been completed. The transformer rotation work is in an orderly way. The distribution room will complete the work before the Spring Festival, ensuring that the villagers have a "bright" Spring Festival

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