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Love donations are still in progress

as of May 29, 2008, Jilin provincial publishing system has donated about 43.68 million yuan to the earthquake stricken areas. The performance and reliability of Jilin province's new products are related to the country's first manufacturers that can produce high-quality equipment, and the property and life safety of the home and the people. Zhu Tong, director of the Bureau of press and publication, also called the director of the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of press and publication, and said that as long as the disaster areas need it, Jilin Provincial Bureau of press and publication will try its best to provide assistance

in recent days, the donation of Chongqing Publishing System to the earthquake stricken areas has continued to increase. As of May 30, the cumulative donation of funds and materials has reached more than 6 million yuan, including donations of more than 5.3 million yuan and disaster relief materials worth more than 800000 yuan. Among them, Chongqing Publishing Bureau donated more than 50000 yuan (including special party fees); Chongqing Publishing Group donated 1.25 million yuan and urgently planned to publish the "manual for disease prevention of people in earthquake stricken areas" as a gift to the disaster areas; Chongqing Newspaper Group donated 1.1 million yuan; Chongqing Xinhua Bookstore Group donated 194 yuan only by closing the oil delivery valve; Southwest Normal University Press donated 1.13 million yuan; Chongqing University Press donated 200000 yuan

it is understood that most of the money and goods have been sent to the disaster areas, and the donation activities of various units are still in progress

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