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Rott energy held a signing ceremony with SUMEC, helenzhe and solektra int.

Rott energy held a signing ceremony with SUMEC, helenzhe and solektra int.

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recently, Jiangsu Rott Energy Technology Co., Ltd., SUMEC complete equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., solektra International LLC and Xuzhou helenzhe Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. held a cooperation signing ceremony in Nanjing. Xiao Yifan, President of Rott energy, Jin Yongchuan, general manager of sumeda, samba bathily, President of solektra, and Ding Jianping, chairman of helenzhe attended the signing ceremony and held talks

at the signing site of Rott energy, sumeda, solektra and helenzhe company

Rott energy, sumeda, solektra and helenzhe company reached a consensus

during the talks, Xiao Yifan first pointed out that thanks to the implementation of Akon lighting Africa project in 25 countries in Africa, Rott energy and so have opened up a new possibility of high temperature resistance utilization, and lektra company has used desktop testing for a small number of fragmented samples; Finally, it shows that having a deep understanding of the African energy industry and having first-hand industry data and resources will provide favorable conditions for the Quartet to enter the African market in the future and achieve win-win cooperation. Sumeda, as a world top 500 enterprise with strong comprehensive strength, excluding detergent and public water transmission facilities, has strong technical and operational strength, and will play an important role in production, manufacturing and project operation. Ding Jianping said that helenzhe can provide guarantee for the project in terms of electric engineering vehicles, LED power supplies and lighting equipment

talks between Rott energy, sumeda, solektra and helenzhe company

in addition, the four parties of Rott energy, sumeda, helenzhe and solektra also discussed and reached a consensus on the cooperation in the pilot project of solar lighting in China. Helenzhe will provide 2000 square meters of plant for the implementation of the pilot project. The project will introduce European solar lighting technology and equipment, and create a technologically advanced assembly line of display solar lighting system in the face of the African market according to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction

it is understood that there are still about 600million people in Africa without access to electricity. Therefore, in 2016, the European Union announced at the African Union summit held in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda that by 2020, the European Union would provide $3billion annually to African countries to help them develop renewable and clean energy. Roth Energy said that under such a superior industry background, with the help of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, it is believed that this cooperation will be promoted efficiently and pragmatically, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results among the four parties

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