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Chinatelecom's "love game" trilogy

at the "2011 CDMA World Forum and Tianyi 3G Internet fair", almost all of the current Tianyi 3G business applications were displayed in the Tianyi 3G experience Pavilion of Chinatelecom. Among them, # tianyikan traffic # can display the real-time road conditions of the current main intersection sections on the through the real-time linkage with the camera, so that users can effectively avoid the sections with high traffic flow. More, the number of registrants of "love game" platform has exceeded 10 million, and as of the date of publication, the number of registrants of "love game" has increased by 1 million half a month after the number of registrants exceeded 10 million

it's hard to believe that Li Zhi, deputy director of the operation center focusing on the game platform, printed the logo of Chinatelecom on his business card for only half a year

Chinese telecom operators, including Chinatelecom, have always given people the impression of being old-fashioned, conservative, institutional and other words, but this time, on the mobile Internet game platform, Chinatelecom, a giant, finally decided to make a change. Li Zhi has been in the game industry for ten years. In his own words, he is a "veteran" of the industry. He has worked in many well-known game companies and has three years of entrepreneurial experience. Whether it's terminal or PC terminal, platform or product, Li Zhi's experience is very rich

when talking about the feeling of "introducing talents from the society" to become a behemoth of Chinatelecom, Li Zhi said: "many people will think that Telecom is relatively closed, but in fact, his practice is much more open than that of other operators. Moreover, a large part of talents in our center are introduced from well-known game companies."

Chinatelecom's "interconnection" Sonata

in fact, the pace of operators in the era of mobile Internet is not fast, and the scenery is robbed by major IT manufacturers. Of course, there are objective reasons for the slow action of large enterprises, and it is inevitable that they cannot quickly adapt to the development mode of mobile Internet. Now it seems that Chinatelecom took the lead in setting an example for operators, "there is a lack of professional talents in Telecom, so the group company believes that it should do this with an open mind"

and facts have also proved that after being user-oriented, Chinatelecom's deep foundation can not be ignored. In May 2011, the number of registrants of Chinatelecom's "love game" platform exceeded 10 million, and as of the date of publication, the number of registrants of "love game" increased by 1million half a month after the number of registrants exceeded 10 million

when talking about the achievements, Chinatelecom showed a bit of humility and complacency. "10million users are not small for an Internet enterprise, but for Telecom, it is still in the initial stage." initial stage "is a very meaningful word. Obviously, the goal of Chinatelecom's" game loving "platform is more than that, Li Zhi also said, "the goal of this year is to exceed 20million users. It is not convenient to say the long-term goal now, but there will be some considerations closer to market-oriented operation. We hope we can achieve industry-leading position in this business." Indeed, as one of the three major operators in China, Chinatelecom has more than 70 million wired broadband users, nearly 10 million IPTV users, and more than 100 million Tianyi users. Its best area of expertise is large-scale operation. What it lacks is professional experience in operating games, and 10million users are completely unable to meet its appetite

when asked about the advantages of operating a game platform as an operator, Li Zhi's answer was quite surprising: "at this stage, we are more willing to see ourselves as an Internet enterprise. Although we have our own advantages as operators, with the development of intelligence, the relationship between game products and operators is gradually weakening, and we hope to be closer to the market and more interconnected and corporatized", That is, China Telecom was surprised by its incisive views on the industrial situation, the emergence of its strategic effectiveness in recruiting social talents, and was looking forward to the future of its slogan of "Internet corporatization"

Li Zhi also said that the proliferation of SP illegal businesses previously led to a lack of integrity in the entire industry, and Chinatelecom has been trying to build its own integrity brand. He believes that this is also one of the important reasons why "love games" platform users can quickly exceed 10million. In fact, one of the purposes of the game platform is to sell games, and its essence can be regarded as an e-commerce platform, For e-commerce, the most important thing is undoubtedly integrity. If there is no foundation of trust, there is no way to talk about the development of the industry, "because we hope users can get good games here, have a happy experience, and be able to consume at ease. Therefore, we must learn from excellent Internet enterprises and build a platform integrity brand."

march in the Red Sea market

in fact, there are many app stores in the market at present. Except for Apple's app store, most of them are mainly aimed at Android operating system. However, because of its openness, applications are mixed, and even malicious fee sucking software is often built into applications. The integrity system that Chinatelecom wants to establish is to start from solving the phenomenon of malicious fee sucking. "For the problem of charging, first, we have a rigorous testing environment. Second, we strictly control the charging channel. Before, many operators let the charging channel go to sp freely, but our practice is to strictly control it by ourselves. Third, we take strict punishment measures. Once the problem of charging is found, we will punish the partner to terminate the settlement and cancel the cooperation."

the current mobile internet field, especially the application store market, has long been a red sea. If Chinatelecom wants to achieve its goal of "achieving industry-leading position", it must accept the challenges from all parties. Chinatelecom clearly recognizes the essence of the whole industry competition, "The application store represented by apple is an application store with the characteristics of value chain integration. At present, the sensor for data strength testing machine in the market is an application store with small force value and ordinary S-type sensor. Its app store itself plays the role of integrating Apple's own value chain, and takes the app store as the selling point to provide users with good user experience and content services, driving the sales of main hardware."

in contrast, the environment of operators is more complex. Chinatelecom's "love game" needs to face almost all operating systems, and its brands are also diverse. As Li Zhi said, "the characteristics of operators determine that the app store we establish serves all kinds of users."

when it comes to competition with terminal manufacturers and application stores of operating system manufacturers, Chinatelecom's idea is also "Internet corporatization". Li Zhi believes that "we have a competitive relationship with them (hardware manufacturers and operating system manufacturers), and we can even provide them with content."

as of the deadline, Chinatelecom's "love game" platform is still mainly open to Tianyi users, but Li Zhi said that the opening of the "love game" platform to all users will be completed within this year. Now it is only for internal testing to give users a better experience. After opening to all users, the appeal of the "love game" platform to the users of the other two operators, Li Zhi also seemed confident: "the good service experience we bring to CDMA users will also be derived to all users. In the future, the role of operators will be weakened, and the core value of the platform to users should meet his core needs. We will continue to learn from Internet companies"

as a telecom operator, Chinatelecom's "love game" platform naturally also has special services that combine the advantages of operators. With the integration of telecommunications, computers and cable television, China has accurately fulfilled the national standard. Telecom's "love game" focuses on the field of three screen integrated Games, computer and television, and innovates and develops three screen interactive products. The "Three Kingdoms kill 3G joint edition" was launched on March 18 this year, Chinatelecom Tianyi users can directly fight online with other or interconnected PC users with the support of Tianyi 3G network or WiFi

user oriented Concerto

"we are relatively open to our partners and treat them equally. As long as we have good products, no matter the size of the enterprise, we will actively seek cooperation with them. The large-scale promotion of the Three Kingdoms kill can be a message we send to the industry. If any developer has such high-quality games, we will provide some convenience for cooperation", When asked about the entry threshold of "love game" platform partners in the future, Li Zhi said. During the whole interview, Li Zhi repeatedly mentioned the concept of Internet corporatization. Now it seems that Telecom has at least achieved the same user orientation as Internet companies

at present, a big bottleneck of the game is that the 3G traffic charge in China is too expensive, which makes many users flinch. Li Zhi said, "our strategic focus will be on 3G connected games.", Since Chinatelecom focuses on 3G connected games, it naturally cannot avoid the problem of high charges, but for users of the "love games" platform, the good news is that Chinatelecom is not only a platform provider, but also a network operator, Li Zhi said, "it is possible for us to design specific packages for game users to provide them with some convenience of playing games. Downloading games here can give you traffic reduction or discount. Now we are piloting in some regions, but we believe this is the trend. Now mobile Internet is developing so rapidly, this demand will be realized soon"

Chinatelecom has a clear understanding of the future development of Game App Stores: "convergence in content is difficult to avoid. Who can develop better depends mainly on the team's thorough understanding of interconnection. From now on, we have taken the first step, which is the socialization of personnel, and the second step is the Gamification of platforms." Li Zhi believes that most app stores now are just a "supermarket", But the commodity competition of the "supermarket" will be 1. Tension experiment: gradually converging, Chinatelecom is now striving to build the "supermarket" into a "shopping mall"

now Chinatelecom wants to get rid of the original conservative and traditional impression, and Chinatelecom also wants to become fashionable. As Li Zhi said, "whether we can give users a more fashionable feeling depends on the meticulous work from the inside out, and the success of interconnection depends on the details."

therefore, Chinatelecom's dance music performance was very impressive. I believe that the truly user centered service provided by Chinatelecom is a blessing for all users. Internet Weekly

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