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The application technology seminar of force control series monitoring configuration software and real-time database products (Harbin)

three dimensional force control (Harbin) seminar was successfully held in Swan Hotel on January 25 after careful preparation

the meeting was actively participated by the majority of users. The number of people present was far greater than expected. The reporter interviewed the person in charge of the publishing product quality supervision and testing center of the General Administration of the people's Republic of China. This meeting introduced the advantages of the real-time database product pspace and the research on the fatigue performance of metal rubber with the general version monitoring configuration software. Few of the powerful functions of foecontrol 6.0 were carried out, as well as the technical characteristics of the professional power version configuration software fcpower7.0 and the typical application cases of force control in various fields

3D force control engineer introduces the real-time database to the user

3D force control engineer introduces the general version of monitoring configuration software 6.0

partner - Omron office technicians explain the application of OMRON series products and configuration software

users listen to the lecture carefully and fill in the user questionnaire carefully

demonstration projects and actual cases of various industries we prepared for users

after the meeting, customers discussed technical problems with force control engineers

the seminar also prepared exquisite souvenirs for guests and conducted on-site lottery activities. The meeting site was relaxed and lively. The symposium was supported by Harbin Institute of Technology Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. and OMRON Co., Ltd. Harbin Office, bringing their industrial computers to the scene to demonstrate the interconnection of force control products and hardware products and typical industry application cases for customers. As shown in Figure 4, this seminar made the new customers present have a strong interest in force control, and the old customers also have a deeper understanding of the new functions of force control

force control technology will also carry out similar seminars and activities across the country from time to time to promote exchanges with automation industry, sales manufacturers and end users with good vibration damping performance, continue to provide you with high-quality services, and bring you more timely and rich product information and perfect after-sales support. We hope to get your attention and support as always

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