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Come to the South China printing label exhibition to grasp the development trend of pulse printing package, and accurately layout the industry market. Come to the South China printing label exhibition to grasp the development trend of pulse printing package, and accurately layout the industry market. In 2021, the complex economy of the global transformation process is gradually recovering, and the adjustment speed of various industries is accelerating, which also puts forward new requirements for the printing package industry to be green, intelligent, digital and integrated. In the first half of 2021, the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry accelerated, and the printing and packaging industry was under pressure on how to meet the rapid changes in the consumer market by improving its internal management and technical level. Under the new environment, how should enterprises cope with market changes, enhance core competitiveness, innovate development models and break through development difficulties

on March 4-6, 2022, South China International Printing Industry Exhibition/2022 China International Label Printing Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "South China label printing exhibition") will be held in zone a of Guangzhou • China Import and export commodities trade exhibition hall. After 28 years of accumulation, it has provided advice for the printing and packaging industry, helped enterprises grasp the development trend and make accurate layout in advance

welcome the digital wave and help the printing and packaging enterprises to upgrade and transform

with the vigorous development of the digital printing market, South China printing label exhibition will continue to cultivate the [digital and application] exhibition area, bring major well-known exhibitors to show cutting-edge digital printing technology, fully meet the market demand of personalization, customization and short order, and help enterprises seize market opportunities and lead the tide

representative exhibitors in the exhibition area: HP, Epson, founder, Kelei, clent, yinzhiming, ideal, Shengde Jingyue, Haotian, Hongbo, runtianzhi, Kosi, Botai, arnojie, Gerhard, chuangsaijie, etc. (in no order)

move towards intelligence and jointly meet the era of intelligent manufacturing

at the moment when the 5g era is coming, the printing and packaging industry is ushering in a new era of intelligent development. The [intelligent packaging and printing] zone created by South China printing label exhibition will focus on displaying leading automation technologies and help enterprises improve the level of equipment intelligence

representative exhibitors in the exhibition area: Guowang, Jinbao, Zhongke, Haoda, Guangming, Xinwei, ZHENGBO, Ono, Yaoke, Wenhong, Huayue, Hongming, Zihong, Xinlei, shengtu, Fengchi, Huazhu, Shanhe, Dayuan, Degang, Ruida, etc. (in no order)

closely following the requirements of sustainable development, it is imperative to improve the printing and packaging environment.

in order to help enterprises achieve green, environmental and sustainable development, the South China printing label exhibition in 2022 launched the [special area for sustainable development of printing and packaging], focusing in depth on printing and packaging environmental governance solutions and helping enterprises save energy and reduce emissions; At the same time, there were special seminars on VOCs governance, which effectively solved the pain points and difficulties encountered by printing and packaging enterprises in environmental treatment

representative exhibitors in the exhibition area: Hengmei, huayinyuan, Jiabao, Jiajing, Jinban, Cosmo, Shengshi Jingyuan, Xinya, Yujia, Zhonghuan Shengda and enpaite (in no order)

cost first and benefit first. You can choose from a super large number of consumable solutions

in recent years, in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, printing and packaging enterprises have paid more attention to practical, efficient and cost-effective packaging and printing materials. South China printing label exhibition meets the needs of the market, and jointly with the packaging exhibition site to display all kinds of consumable products and solutions. A large number of consumables include ink, bronzing materials, special paper, adhesive, foil, self-adhesive, in mold labeling, packaging tape, etc, Help printing and packaging enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

representative exhibitors: Yike, Longyuan laser, shengfuyuan, Zhuoli film, Zhongshan Fuzhou, Lianguan, ande label, Darong, Zhidian, Jiajing, Yongji, cailong, jinheacai, Zhengbang, Changmao, xintumei, peineng, etc

in addition, in 2022, the exhibition will also simultaneously launch [special area for paper container packaging], [special area for flexible packaging], [special area for innovative packaging materials], [corrugated packaging], [special area for environmental friendly flexo printing], [special area for green label materials], [special area for RFID intelligence] and [special area for label after printing], presenting a feast for people in the printing and packaging industry

in 2022, the scale of the exhibition will be upgraded, and the booths will be sold hot. The hands are fast and the hands are slow

South China printing label exhibition is linked with China International Packaging Industry Exhibition and packaging products and materials exhibition held in the same period. The scale of the four exhibitions has been upgraded again. The exhibition area will exceed 140000 square meters. It is expected that there will be more than 1700 exhibitors

at present, more than 80% of the booths have been booked during the normalization and hot sale of booths in 2022. There are only a few seats left, so you can book as soon as possible

on March, 2022, the South China printing label exhibition, in which stretching accessories account for about 80% of the total accessories, is a one-stop business platform covering the whole industry chain of printing, labeling and packaging, meeting the needs of printing and packaging enterprises to efficiently obtain industry resources and seize market opportunities. We sincerely invite people from the printing, labeling, packaging and packaging industries to gather in Guangzhou to discuss the future

for more information about the exhibition, please follow the official account: South China printing label exhibition and enjoy more information

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