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Printing ink cleaning agent: absolute price competitiveness + ideal cleaning effect

Helen's wonderful debut: the printing quality is more perfect, the production environment is more environmentally friendly - unlimited business opportunities

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in order to solve the safety and health problems of printing stickiness and galling due to the significant conjugate effect, poor abrasion resistance of printing and cleaning, We provide a new solution: wear-resistant printing ink anti fouling agent and cleaning innovation product - Helen ink cleaner (stock solution). The actual use test of the printing factory has proved that these two products have effectively improved the quality of printing materials and made the cleaning work/production environment safer and healthier

their application will not increase the cost, but also improve the printing quality (abrasion resistance, back sticky dirt and galling), improve the work efficiency, make the cleaning work safer, and make the production environment healthier and more environmentally friendly

our hearts are also very clear: in view of the above problems, before the emergence of our products, many printing houses accepted and adopted various solutions in a helpless mood, such as the use of powder spraying and adhesive removal agent. However, it is well known that it has a great impact on work efficiency and product quality. The advantages of our products are like the sunrise in the East

under this long-standing problem, after years of R & D and improvement efforts, we finally successfully completed the completion and opening of the 5th to 6th Ring Roads of Beijing Kunming Expressway and Beijing Xinjiang expressway, and launched "Helen wear-resistant anti sticking agent" and "Helen ink cleaner". We sincerely hope that this will have a certain auxiliary effect on those printing units that are keen on innovation, have high requirements for product quality and production environment, and pay attention to the health of production environment

I believe Helen will make your business even stronger

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