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The most important thing for the maintenance of printing machinery is that when the machinery is damaged, the manufacturer generally thinks that it is caused by normal operation wear. However, today's machinery is made of high-quality alloy steel, which should be able to be used for a long time. After that, manufacturers gradually began to discover the important role played by the maintenance material team in maintaining the normal operation of printing machinery after continuously paying huge maintenance fees and delaying production. Among the numerous maintenance materials, lubricating oil and its related chemical products were relatively neglected. It may be that the correct selection of these materials will not have an immediate negative impact on the finished products produced by the manufacturer. Mechanical equipment is often found to have problems after being used for a long time

therefore, the supplier providing these maintenance materials must:

1 Its products can reduce the number of mechanical damage and prolong the service life of machinery

2. The product line with multi-functional design can not only meet the requirements of more machinery, but also improve China's R & D, production and manufacturing technology! Reduce unnecessary excessive inventory of customers

3. Teach customers to avoid using maintenance materials incorrectly

4. Make customers simplify procurement procedures, so as to simplify management procedures and save valuable human resources

5. Always maintain sufficient product inventory to save manufacturers' waiting time when ordering goods and avoid downtime risk caused by casual use of general temporary substitutes

6. Provide a long-term and stable supply channel through a network of reputable suppliers to meet local customers' demand for high-quality products and services

the maintenance materials for the printing press and its related equipment include:

lubricating oil such as snow oil, chain tooth oil, pressure resistant gearbox oil, etc

if the deformation is too large, replace the belt with a new one; Loosen the motor fixing screw cleaner, such as rear cleaner, ink roller cleaner, oil pipe and oil circuit cleaner, etc

anti rust agent is used for anti rust lubrication of paper cutter table and cutter

characteristics and uses of lubricating grease

this issue first introduces lubricating grease (snow oil). The type of grease can be roughly classified according to its hardness, pressure delivery, drip point, water resistance and stability


hardness or penetration is a measurable characteristic that must be considered when selecting appropriate grease. The hardness of lubricating grease is determined by the number. No. 0 is the softest, and then increases to No. 6 with No. 1 and No. 2. The hardness of No. 6 is the same as that of soap block. The mud in the garden is soft and hard to shovel, and the hardness of the grease is the same. It is graded according to the penetration depth of the grease dropped from a certain height by the cone gauge. The printing machine must be lubricated with grease of appropriate hardness according to the requirements of the printing machine manufacturer, otherwise it may cause insufficient lubrication or increased resistance to the machine parts


another characteristic of grease is the ease of pressurisation; In the central grease supply system, two greases that are equally easy to be pressed at room temperature often have very different pressing properties at lower temperatures

the difference comes from the different types and proportions of lubricating oil and soap contained in lubricating grease. Some printing machinery and nailing equipment use the central grease supply system to lubricate the components of the machinery. Therefore, it is very important to select the grease with good pressing performance

drop point

different greases will melt at different temperatures due to different soap bases in the grease. The drop point is the temperature at which the grease changes from semi-solid to liquid; Most of the calcium soap fat is melted in F, the sodium soap fat is f, and the lithium soap fat is f, so it is better to use sodium soap or lithium soap at high temperature. Nowadays, most printing machines have a high speed. Due to the high number of revolutions of the friction bearings, the bearing temperature also increases correspondingly. The selection of lubricating grease from hundreds of shoppers on the site with a higher drip point can provide better protection for high-speed friction bearings, such as carbon pump bearings

water resistance

no matter whether it is in contact with water or not, some greases still need to perform their lubrication, so their water resistance is an important property. Calcium soap and lithium soap based grease are insoluble in water, while sodium soap grease is soluble in water, so it cannot be used as a lubricant that may contact with water. The printing process needs to mix water, so some bearings must be protected with grease with good water resistance, otherwise, the service life of the bearings will be greatly reduced


some greases can still maintain their original hardness after being added to the bearing, that is, they have high stability; This kind of grease can soften after working in the anti-wear bearing for a period of time. If there is no good seal, it will flow out of the bearing. In the printing process, the powder spraying is continuous and has great coverage. If the lubricating grease used has poor stability, pollutants will easily enter the bearings and components, causing great damage to the printing press

traditionally, the design and production of lubricating grease only focus on dealing with the single problem faced by mechanical equipment. Such as high temperature, high speed, high pressure or anti-wear. Since then, due to the requirements of machinery manufacturers and the impact of intensified market competition, the production of lubricating grease has gradually moved towards the multi-functional direction. However, the general petroleum products always have to implement the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator, which has its limit in use, and can not effectively meet the rapid development requirements of modern production equipment. Although it is not easy to choose the right lubricant, there are also some professional lubricant suppliers in the market who can provide professional data and long-term after-sales service, so as to reduce customers' mistakes in use and avoid wasting valuable time and money. You may as well listen to the opinions of the industry. I believe it will help protect the good performance of the printing press

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