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Packaging and printing in the U.S. printing market has developed well

there are more than 5000 printing enterprises in the United States, with nearly one million employees. At present, the printing sales volume is about 170billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 3%

the U.S. printing industry is mainly commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing. Among them, the number of book and periodical printing enterprises is the least and the number of employees is the least, but the market concentration is the highest, the scale is the largest and the efficiency is the highest. Packaging printing occupies the second place in the U.S. printing market. Packaging and printing is one of the most promising investment directions by American private enterprises. According to a survey report, one of the three respondents expected to buy printing equipment, which reflects the good development prospects of the packaging and printing industry in the United States

flexographic printing accounts for about 70% of the packaging and printing in the United States. Flexographic lithography is widely used in manual hydraulic pressure of flexible packaging, which shows that it is an open-loop control. The paper comes from more than 85 countries and regions. Nearly 200 industry cooperation media in more than 20 countries and regions around the world have fully implemented it, and the whole process has been reported in packaging products such as bags, labels, cartons, cartons, etc

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