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Do you want a leisurely atmosphere when you are at home during the Spring Festival holiday and busy with work on weekdays? Do you also want to feel the romance of exotic customs? Today, Xiaobian brought you 20 rural style decoration renderings, which are exquisite. There is always one for you

the British pastoral style is mainly in gorgeous cloth art and pure handmade production. The cloth surface has beautiful colors and is mainly composed of numerous flower patterns. Broken flowers, stripes and Scottish patterns are the eternal theme of British pastoral furniture. Furniture materials mostly use Catalpa wood, camphor wood, etc., and the production and carving are all purely manual, which is very exquisite

the characteristics of Chinese rural style are to absorb the characteristics of traditional decoration "shape" and "spirit" in terms of indoor layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings, take the connotation of traditional culture as the design element, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional furniture, remove redundant carvings, blend the comfort of modern western style home, and adopt different layout according to the rooms of different house types

the Chinese rural decoration space pays attention to the level. It is divided by windows and screens. Solid wood is used to make a solid frame to fix the support, and lattice is used to carve flowers in the middle to make a simple pattern

the materials of South Asian pastoral style advocate nature, brick, pottery, wood, stone, rattan, bamboo... The more natural, the better. Natural products such as cotton and hemp are mostly used in the selection of textile material, and their texture is just consistent with the pursuit of rural style without decoration and carving. Sometimes a woolen wall hanging is hung on the wall, and the theme is mostly rural scenery

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