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After more than two months of online voting, through six links: audition, online voting, top 30 voting, resurrection competition, comprehensive evaluation, and list disclosure, the "2013 China wardrobe top ten franchise brand network selection" activity, sponsored by China franchise network, an authoritative media in the field of investment promotion and franchise, and co organized by channel business - China home and channel business network, has ended. The total number of online votes reached more than onemillion. Through the careful examination and approval of the organizing committee based on the comprehensive opinions of netizens, experts and media, the top 10 of the four major categories of the wardrobe project in the household industry in 2013, "the most innovative brand", "the most investment potential brand", "the most influential brand" and "the most respected brand by dealers" were officially released

in this selection, Yishang furniture stood out among many wardrobe brands and won the top ten franchised brands of China's wardrobe in 2013 - the most innovative brand

this selection activity is not only recognition, competitive ranking, recognition and evaluation, but also the evaluation results fed back by all participating authoritative media, franchisees, dealers and end-user groups. The two methods of online voting and expert evaluation feedback were adopted in the activity, which followed the criteria of fairness and public reliability

in this selection, major brands have increased publicity efforts, and strive to achieve excellent results in the evaluation. The competition among major brands is quite fierce. With the greatest sense of responsibility and the attitude of being responsible to venture investors, this selection is more about leading the development direction of the industry, promoting the rapid development of more enterprises, and providing a platform for many enterprises to fully demonstrate their strength

thank you very much for the support and attention of netizens, industry experts and media friends. Through this online voting, I hope to guide the development trend of environmental protection, formulation and innovation in the wardrobe industry for the majority of consumers. At the same time, we also hope to add new vitality to the wardrobe industry through this selection





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