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The private sale of consolation products in the nursing home claims that the income will be used for decoration (Figure)

love consolation products are sold

April and may every year is the peak period for social caring people to visit the nursing home. According to Shenzhen TV station "one time", the elderly in Renda nursing home recently reported that they often saw people carrying bags to the nursing home, but never assigned them. The old people wondered whether someone had privately disposed of these comforts

according to the old man, on March 20, guantian primary school came to the nursing home to visit the old man, bringing milk, snacks, fruits, etc., but they were confiscated by the nursing group. Last weekend, the nursing home actually sold these condolences

how can we sell consolation products that block this promotion content for the elderly? This is not a joke! A nurse of the hospital was also very dissatisfied with this

in this regard, a person in charge of the hospital admitted that the condolences were indeed taken away, but this is the unified regulation of the group. According to the new regulations of the pension group this year, all donations are registered in the warehouse. If they need to be sent to the elderly, all departments should report them to the group and explain their purpose. After the group sends someone to verify, they will send them to these departments, and the departments will send them to the elderly

however, the reporter found at the booth hundreds of meters away from the gate of the nursing home that some of the items sold here are almost the same as those in the warehouse of the nursing home. The booth staff insisted that the items sold were not donations, but bought by their own department

in the face of doubt, Minister Zhang of the Foreign Affairs Office of Renda pension group admitted that some goods were indeed taken out of the warehouse for charity sale, but the proceeds from the sale will be used for the decoration of the nursing home and will never be embezzled





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