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In life, noise is everywhere, car horns, aircraft roaring, chainsaws Zizi; Dance music in the mall, horns on the street Wait for these annoying voices. Recently, haze pollution in many places in Northeast, North and East China has attracted a lot of attention. Many people know how harmful haze pollution is to human body, but few people pay attention to the impact of noise pollution on people's physical and mental health. Noise, it can be found without trace, no trace can escape, but noise does great harm to human physical and mental health

noise pollution will not only affect our auditory system, but also our nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system and digestive system. For example, Xiaoxin bought a house in the downtown area and just checked in before the deadline. It was a great pleasure to check in the new house, but she was in a bad mood after not staying for a few days. The reason is that the sound insulation of her house is too poor. She said that the house next door is too noisy, and the sound of the TV is particularly loud. Sometimes I hear a quarrel. Sometimes a child cries suddenly in the middle of the night. What's more outrageous is that the opposite house plays mahjong with karaoke every night. In short, one word "noise" often sleeps, and sometimes a sudden sound wakes me up in a dream. Xiaoxin: look, I'm almost a national baby

perhaps, all kinds of noise in public places, such as TV at home, talking, wearing headphones to watch movies and play games on the subway, making phone calls and talking in the library, etc., may become the noise that someone refuses to listen to. Perhaps, those inadvertent voices will affect others. Especially in the rest place at home, we should pay more attention to noise and find ways to solve it, so as not to let it affect our healthy life

maybe we can install sound proof aluminum alloy doors and windows at home

for example: Kangying silent aluminum alloy doors and windows customized

Kangying silent aluminum alloy doors and windows profile design adopts European standard hardware notch, super 4A special molecular sieve, high-density moisture-proof treatment, double-layer sealing and gluing, and the inner glass is high-density fine washing, dust-free. Its production process strictly complies with German standards, making every door and window extremely rigorous in terms of materials and process control, so as to produce aluminum alloy door and window products with exquisite products, high-end elegance, exquisite workmanship and exquisite details. Products with strong functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, earthquake resistance, typhoon prevention, safety and sealing. Good doors and windows, to mute, Kangying mute doors and windows leading brand




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