Decoration packages should be protected from malnu

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Decoration company packages to stimulate consumers, to choose rationally, do not do injustice big head. For consumers who don't have a large decoration budget or pay more attention to the economy of decoration, it is indeed a wise choice to choose a set meal suitable for their own needs, but the key is how to eat this set meal well

◆ there are various types of packages

due to the characteristics of fixed consumption budget and relatively low total price, package decoration consumption is gradually recognized by the market, and there are more and more types of decoration packages. At the same time, consumers face these dazzling packages, but it is difficult to make a choice. Some customers who are not good at decoration are more likely to be led by businesses and spend a lot of wronged money passively

◆ packages need to prevent malnutrition

it is understood that many decoration packages have malnutrition. For example, a company launched a decoration package free of design fees, saying that it was a one-time reduction of thousands of yuan of design fees, but in fact, the whole decoration scheme was the simplest construction project without any design at all. In the decoration process, not only did the designer not show up, but even a renderings were not provided; Another decoration company orally promised to use famous brand building materials during customer consultation, but when it comes to actual construction, most of the main materials such as latex paint, large core board, gypsum board, switch panel, etc. have become low-grade products, and consumers have to pay more for additional materials; Another example is the ultra-low price package of a company, and the decoration quality has been seriously reduced. According to consumers, the wall paint indicated on the quotation list to be painted three times has only been painted twice, while the items such as pre construction seepage, water leakage inspection and roof leveling, which are also marked with the operation price on the list, have also been omitted by the construction personnel

◆ don't be blind to the delicious set meal

in fact, for consumers who don't have a large decoration budget or pay more attention to the economy of decoration, choosing a set meal suitable for their own needs is indeed a wise practice, but the key is how to eat this set meal well. Professionals from variety show, everything goes well, Baidu and other decoration companies made suggestions for consumers. First of all, before decoration, it is best to have a general understanding of the decoration market situation and trend, then determine your own decoration positioning, and formulate a general budget at the same time, so as to avoid overspending consumption of high-priced building materials recommended by merchants to make profits to a certain extent; In addition, after choosing the decoration scheme, the formal decoration contract cannot be ignored. On the one hand, it is necessary to confirm the qualifications of the merchants, and at the same time, it is also necessary to carefully confirm the specific construction technology and material brand of each project; In addition, because some companies will charge additional fees such as material handling fee, garbage cleaning fee, scheme modification fee, expedited construction period fee, etc. in addition to the package quotation, consumers should also negotiate with merchants in advance to avoid disputes during the construction process




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