Advantages of chemical free printing plate

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Advantages of chemical free plate making

in recent years, the printing industry has been increasingly interested in chemical free plate making systems. Today, all major plate manufacturers will provide CTP plates with different performance for customers to choose, and are responsible for installation and commissioning. In fact, through research on small commercial printers and speed printers, it is found that only a small number of small commercial printers and speed printers are willing to choose CTP printing plates, and these customers are likely to use chemical free plates as digital metal plates that need to be processed

chemical free printing plate is a natural extension of CTP technology

pressek believes that chemical free printing plate is the natural expansion of CTP technology - it has obvious advantages in high-quality printing products, reducing labor intensity, low material consumption and reducing the waste rate. The advantages of chemical free printing plate are as follows:

fewer plate making parameters

more controllable plate making process

the best consistency

eliminates the cost of purchasing, storing and processing chemicals

more environmental protection

reduces labor intensity

there is no maintenance problem of heavy machinery

pressek company created a classification index for chemical free printing plate as early as 15 years ago, As the supporting introduction material of digital printing plate. Today, many CTP plate market sales trademarks list their products as "chemical free printing plate". However, the terminology of the plate market is lack of uniformity. From the classification of chemical free printing plates, we think professional terms are very important. The reason why pressek uses "chemical free treatment" is:

no chemical place is needed after imaging. It was initially used in the automotive industry for anti vibration characteristics.

do not use sealant for concrete construction joints jc/t 881 ⑵ 001 129 sealant for curtain wall glass joints. Chemical drugs are developed.

printing plate machine printing does not need any other preparatory work.

we are very happy to see the development of chemical free plate market, And those major plate manufacturers have also realized the value of the chemical free plate market by continuously promoting chemical free plate products. However, some printing plate sellers still use this name casually. Some so-called "chemical free" plates still need resin or "water-soluble imaging chemicals" to wash printing plates after exposure. While the plate products provided by other manufacturers need to be developed on the printing machine - that is, some chemicals and inks are used to develop at the beginning of printing. These "device free" printing plates are also used, but the development technology (online or offline) has been developing

the advantages of chemical free plate technology focus on economy and environmental protection

three technologies currently used in the plate Market:

thermal ablation technology

thermal crosslinking technology

online development technology

customers should determine which type of plate to choose through relevant plate characteristics, including washing, storage and processing, ink balance and image quality

recent research shows that these plate products have obvious advantages, and printers are taking advantage of these advantages. As a communication medium, printing now faces greater competition than before. They have to make every effort to remain competitive. The optional diversified communication media can bring economic benefits to the whole industry. In order to achieve the purpose of production integration and cost reduction, the chemical free plate selected by printers is the most important investment

the production integration and cost reduction after selecting chemical free plates can help printers maintain their competitiveness in the media

there is no universal printing plate that can adapt to any environment and any printing enterprise in the world. Even the chemical treatment free plates and washing free plates with obvious advantages are the same, and some printing enterprises are still not suitable for using these plates. However, in terms of environmental protection, the advantages of chemical free plates have been outstanding, both economic and environmental advantages. There are many factors in choosing a printing plate. Now, the three economies, Europe, the United States and Japan, which occupy the vast majority of China's export markets, do not recognize China's market economy status. Chemical free plates in the market are suitable for all printing machines; Each technology can meet the needs of customers with many years of printing experience; Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and the instructions must be clear. Shortcomings can be improved. Many times these problems can be avoided. For some printing enterprises, the advantages of special technology or printing plate are worth trying. For other printing enterprises, their worries about new technologies will make them make different choices. Therefore, everything should be considered. Of course, the advantages of the chemical free version are more worthy of consideration

if your company still does not use CTP, or you are considering updating your plate making equipment to apply chemical free treatment technology, so the shrinkage rate here is also larger than that near the gate. We suggest you read this article, which can help you make a decision

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