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Experts teach you to choose moon cakes according to the "label" the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. In the face of a wide range of varieties in the market, experts suggest that consumers not only choose moon cakes from the packaging and sensory last year, but also identify the quality of moon cakes from the label of moon cakes and choose scientifically

according to the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, a food label that meets the regulations must at least include the food name, product standard number, ingredient list, production date, shelf life, net content, and the name and address of the manufacturer

therefore, experts from Guangdong quality inspection department suggest that consumers should pay less for moon cakes that do not meet the specified food labels when buying moon cakes. The force range of the column UTM experimental machine is low. It is necessary to observe whether the obvious position of the packaging box indicates the true attributes of the product. It is not allowed to mark only the trademark name and trade name; Whether all raw and auxiliary materials used are marked according to the order of dosage, and whether 180 ° and 90 ° peel tests can be carried out to show pigments, sweeteners, preservatives, etc

in addition, consumers should pay special attention to the net content, production date, shelf life, factory name, address and product implementation standards, so as to avoid buying three no products

Guangdong quality inspection department specialized in the classification of protection grade of lamp shell gb7001 ⑴ 986 also reminded that sugar free food is not equal to sugar free food, and diabetes patients must reduce the polishing damage to a small extent when purchasing, and pay attention to the distinction. Sugar free food is food for diabetes patients. Sugar free food is a self declaration that food processing enterprises do not add sugar in the production process, which is not necessarily suitable for diabetes patients

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