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Advantages and technical parameters of semi preparative liquid chromatography

preparative liquid chromatography technology is more and more widely used in the separation and purification of samples in pharmaceutical, chemical and biological engineering fields. Typical applications include the purification of synthetic raw materials, the preparation of reference materials, and the purification of final products. The P series preparation pump has reasonable design, stable operation and high performance index. It can meet the production and research needs of users with UV series UV visible wavelength detector (equipped with semi preparation/preparation detection cell) and manual/electric sampling valve and switching valve of rheodyne company in the United States

p230p high pressure constant flow pump

main advantages

double pump heads, series structure - accurate flow

bayonet type 1. Regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact with the pump head structure, so that the pump head can be easily loaded and unloaded, which is convenient for maintenance and parts replacement

the floating plunger design makes the pump have the minimum pulsation and greatly extends the service life of the seal ring

provide computer control port, which can be combined and upgraded to high-pressure liquid phase system

easy to operate

basic parameters can make the graph display at the best scale

flow range 0 00 (ml/min) adjust the flow in steps of 0.1ml/min

the flow accuracy is better than 0.5% RSD

the flow accuracy is better than 5.0%

the maximum working pressure is 40.0mpa

the upper limit of safety control pressure can be set

the display mode LED digital

the display mode actual pressure, pressure upper limit setting, flow setting

the power consumption is about 40W

the power source is 220V 22V this (17) morning, 50Hz 0.5Hz

overall size 400mm 280mm 150mm

weight 20kg

UV visible variable wavelength detector

main advantages

Advanced holographic concave grating monochromator structure, so that this instrument has high sensitivity

dual optical path optical system, which minimizes noise and drift, and allows operation to 0.005aufs

the detection wavelength range can be extended to the visible spectrum without changing the light source

the panel touch switch is adopted, which does not need cumbersome function adjustment and automatically returns to zero

the design of embedded detection cell and deuterium lamp makes maintenance and replacement more convenient

basic parameters

wavelength range 190nm-600nm

wavelength accuracy 1.0nm

wavelength accuracy 2.0nm

band width 6nm

absorption range 0 56aufs (10 gears)

baseline noise 5.0 Au (254nm)

baseline drift 5.0 au/hr

minimum detection amount 4 g/ml (methanol solution of naphthalene)

light source deuterium lamp

display mode LED digital

display mode absorption value, measurement signal, reference signal

power consumption about 40W

power supply 220V 22V, 50Hz 0.5hz

overall size 400mm 280mm 150gbt235 ⑴ 999 metal material thickness equal to or less than 3mm sheet and strip repeated zigzag test method mm

weight 20kg

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