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Explore the hot sales of Sany hydraulic roller Market

explore the hot sales of Sany hydraulic roller Market

information on China's construction machinery

recently, Sany all hydraulic single drive single steel wheel series rollers have set off a small whirlwind in the industry, which has attracted the attention of people in the industry with its characteristics of higher efficiency, low fuel consumption, stability and reliability than traditional mechanical rollers. Sany launched promotional activities for hydraulic roller manufacturers and other preferential activities, so that industry customers can buy hydraulic roller products at the price of mechanical roller

why can Sany full hydraulic roller be so favored by the market? Here are the secrets behind the popularity of Sany roller market

focus: focus on doing one thing well for more than 20 years

focus on achieving excellent quality. One of the reasons why Sany products sell well in the market is precisely because Sany has been focusing on the production and R & D of construction machinery products. Sany road machinery under Sany Heavy Industry mainly provides complete sets of road construction machinery. Road building machinery products cover six series of products: paver series, roller series, asphalt mixing equipment series, grader series, milling machine series and pouring asphalt paving equipment

Sany Heavy Industry road roller products are mainly divided into full hydraulic 4-ball friction and wear testing machine. The software control system is divided into three types: single steel wheel, double steel wheel and tire type with different functions. It belongs to the category of road equipment in construction machinery. It is widely used in the filling and compaction of large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums, and can roll sandy, semi viscous and cohesive soil. 1 There are pavement layers such as enterprise soil, subgrade stable soil, sand and gravel, gravel, etc. with paperboard production lines. After more than 20 years of continuous innovation and development, Sany Heavy Industry has launched more than 20 kinds of roller products, and the main types are as follows:

single steel wheel: ssr220ac-8, ssr200ac-8, ssr200-gb/t 3098.8 ⑴ 992 mechanical properties of fasteners rib connecting pair for heat resistance 3, SSR, SSR, SSR, SSRH, SSRH, SSRH, SSRH

double steel wheels: STR, STR, STR, STR, Strh, Strh, Strh

tire type: SPR, SPR

unique skill: high efficiency and low consumption make the road roller artifact

after years of development, the brand pattern of China's road roller market has become increasingly mature. Users have begun to consider many aspects in the purchase of machines. Price competitive advantage is no longer the only criterion, and brand influence, product performance and user experience have become increasingly prominent. Sany ssr200ac-8 and ssr220ac-8 all hydraulic single drive single steel wheel rollers can stand out among similar products in the market and win the favor of industry customers, mainly relying on their "unique skills" such as high efficiency, low fuel consumption, easy operation, stability and reliability. Sany ssr200ac-8/ssr220ac-8 these two heavy metal special relocation restrictions have been implemented since September 14, 2018. The full hydraulic single drive single steel wheel roller rarely adopts the top-level vibration pump of Germany Rexroth, which has a large displacement and stable power conversion. The full hydraulic operation is simple and convenient, and the reversing is fast. There is no need to step on the clutch, engage the gear, brake, slow release the clutch and other actions. The construction efficiency is higher and the fuel cost is saved

Sany full hydraulic single drive single steel wheel roller

Innovation: Lean Manufacturing Forging artifact

to cast a quality higher than that of the same industry, it is by no means attainable overnight. Behind it is the sweat of road rollers, who constantly refresh the higher level of made in China with the spirit of excellence. Sany Heavy industry pays attention to technological innovation and quality control. In order to realize the full flow manufacturing of road machinery products, it adopts a series of automatic and intelligent innovative research achievements, such as production management informatization (MES system), automatic welding robot, AGV trolley, automated three-dimensional warehouse, so that the wide application of "new processes, new equipment, new materials" and extremely rigorous quality control make every road machinery product perfect, Excellent performance in the face of various complex operating environments

quality control: research and development of test system to ensure first-class quality

excellent quality is the killer mace to ensure that Sany roller can win the market. In order to ensure the first-class quality of Sany pavement products, Sany Heavy industry actively builds an internationally leading research and development platform for pavement machinery, relying on the construction machinery remote monitoring service and fault diagnosis laboratory, hydraulic laboratory, electromechanical hydraulic control and simulation laboratory, diesel engine laboratory, equipment fatigue (life) laboratory, welding laboratory, strength (stress) laboratory, wear-resistant material laboratory Nine test and testing centers, including the automobile chassis automatic testing line, and 58 enterprise level laboratories have formed a cross system and cross department product development process

through the construction of "test infrastructure, new product development test, customer experience platform and working condition simulation database", a three-level test system of vehicle test, parts test and simulation test has been established to ensure the Lean quality of Sany products

service: Yinuoqianjin "211" digital commitment

the road roller will inevitably suffer from loss and wear in the process of use. Therefore, when customers choose the road roller, in addition to considering the product quality, after-sales service is their focus, which is another major reason why Sany road roller can sell well in the market. Sany's "211" digital service commitment ensures that customers have no worries

service engineers of Sany Heavy Industry will arrive at the site within 2 hours after receiving the call from customers (major markets or first tier cities); Remove general faults for customers within 1 day; If the equipment under warranty fails to be repaired within 2 days due to quality problems (except for customers or force majeure factors), the equipment shall be compensated for maintenance once free; Professional parts inquiry system, common parts arrive at the local warehouse accurately within 1 day

these are the reasons why Sany full hydraulic roller is popular in the market. In the future, Sany will continue to explore and innovate, provide more boutiques for the road construction industry, and create greater value for customers. (this article is from Sany

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