Advantages and problems of flexible printing of th

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Advantages and problems of flexible printing of composite hose

compared with aluminum toothpaste tube, composite hose is cheap and hygienic, and the processing process is more convenient and fast. At present, almost all toothpaste manufacturers choose composite hoses to package their toothpaste products. As a green and environmental protection technology, flexographic printing has become a new force in the packaging industry, and it is more flexible in the printing and processing of composite hoses. Advantages of flexographic printing flexographic printing process has been familiar with the printing industry in China, and its advantages in printing quality, printing cost and production cycle have been fully affirmed in the hose printing industry. For example, the production of composite hoses has sufficient business sources. The printing speed and line processing capacity of flexographic printing machine can ensure that users receive the required hose products in time. In addition, flexographic printing is favored by users because of its environmental friendly characteristics. For example, the flexible version uses UV ink in hose printing, which enables users to achieve flexible and portable products when the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder of the third hydraulic universal testing machine is brought open and the workbench is moved, which fully realizes green environmental protection, safety and reliability. So that products can easily open foreign markets and create greater profit space for customers. Existing problems and solutions because the outer package of the hose adopts offset printing, many designers will move the offset printing sample to the hose printing, and hope that different printing methods can achieve exactly the same effect. This practice 7. Frequency range: 0.01 5Hz; Never get satisfactory results, there are many opportunities and opportunities. When designing the draft, designers should try to choose large pieces of field or lines, and choose spot colors, so as to give full play to the bright and eye-catching features of flexographic printing spot colors and high saturation; It is better to leak more white and overlap less between colors, so as to minimize the overprint error during flexographic printing. We expect the printing industry to cultivate more flexographic printing professionals, introduce the process characteristics and performance limitations of flexographic printing, so that hose designers can design originals that are more in line with the flexographic printing process and commodity publicity effect, so that flexographic printing brushes can better serve hose printing

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