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Experts' discussion on China's printing industry

new printing technology brings new business opportunities to the printing industry

enlightenment from several cases of shenhaixiang, President of China Printing Group Company:

due to the occurrence of network technology and digital printing technology, the printing industry is undergoing a revolution. Frank, director of design justice in American printing research, gave me two books, which talked about a general change and the formation of the United States as an emerging market. This book is written by a station called, which signed a contract with a digital printing center. The digital printing center does not directly face customers, but transmits the digital information of books to the station through the network, through which books can be sold. As long as readers Click to buy this book, the station will notify the printing factory to print and deliver it to readers. For authors who can own books on the site, the price is negotiated between the publisher and the author. After the book is published and printed, the station will tell the author or publisher that the printing cost is divided into 20% and 8%, accounting for 20%, and the publisher and author account for 80%. This is a new printing mode, which has formed an industry in the United States. I have specially seen such a digital printing company called Kohler. The company has a software dispatcher who arranges all the stations for his business. When he accepted the business offered by the station, he printed the book according to the requirements of the business offered by the station, and then sent it to the readers in some way. It is said that his profit peak is more than 40%. But the business model of Chinanet has not yet formed

a professor, who is an art photography enthusiast, often goes to a music school to accumulate children's activities and parents' activities, collect them in albums, and print and sell them through stations. A small photography enthusiast has an art festival in Central Park of New York every year. He takes many such photos, which are also printed by digital printing. In addition, digital cameras are now very developed, and there are also digital cameras on them. He can take a few photos for children, make postcards and send them to their grandparents by putting them in the station, and then make a small picture album. These are published on demand

we may have received promotional materials for cars very early, one by one. Maybe you can get it without buying a car. But in foreign countries, this work is targeted: this customer likes Mercedes Benz cars, and that customer likes Toyota cars. According to the needs of these customers, when the new model comes out, send them a postcard, tell him that the new model has come out, and hope him to visit, so that the effect of publicity will be better than large-scale investment. This is the case of direct mail

in the packaging industry, there are also a wide range of cases of digital printing. For example, the hero of a movie is a child. Between the ages of 10 and 15, the boss of food came up with a way to package food according to the hero of the movie. After selecting the picture, send a letter to the, print it out and make a small package. The other is about the personalized printing of bank statements. A printing enterprise helps Industrial Bank credit cards with data processing and builds a database through networking. And print personalized bills. That is, in this bill, the credit card bill is printed, and the store the consumer has been to is printed to tell him what preferential activities he can have next time he consumes. The bill also includes advertisements for other items of the consumer this month, such as restaurants and travel agencies, which can be printed. Through this way of advertising, many service industries have increased consumption, and the status of this digital center has been improved. In addition to the printing revenue, the digital printing center also increased the revenue of other service items

the challenge of short sample holding length in the printing industry revolution:

the above examples show that many countries are carrying out the printing revolution. The higher the upper limit temperature value of digital printing, the combination of brush and web printing has formed a new market, and the new business model and new enterprise organization have undergone fundamental changes, making the printing industry develop from a simple processing industry to a multimedia service industry

the industrial revolution has also brought challenges: the challenges of business diversity, variability and complexity; The challenge of re education of employees' knowledge and skills; The challenge of accelerating equipment renewal and increasing investment brought by digital network technology; The challenge of reducing the number of employees brought about by the increased automation of new technologies. The challenge of decreasing market share of print media brought by the development of digital network media; The challenge of falling printing prices; The challenge of changing the role of processing enterprises to value-added service providers; In the world printing industry chain, developed countries face the challenge of diverting printing outsourcing business to countries with lower labor costs

suggestions for China's printing industry:

actively apply CTP technology, digital printing technology, web technology, flexographic printing technology, inkjet technology; Enhance service awareness and provide value-added services for customers; Actively establish digital and networking workflow; Establish and improve the digital asset management system; Implement overall transformation in terms of technology, business model, organizational structure, etc

according to the market changes caused by the industrial revolution, actively promote the adjustment of product structure, and focus on the following promising and profitable markets: packaging and printing market, especially personalized packaging products and RFID electronic labels; Commercial printing, especially personalized direct mail products and variable data billing market; Publish on demand; Hybrid printing combining traditional printing and digital printing; Value added services

$page break $where is the increment of the printing market

Pan Xiaodong, general manager of Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd.

the strategic goal put forward by the General Administration of publishing is to strive to build China into an important printing base in China in 2010 and become a world printing power in 2020. Undoubtedly, with the improvement of people's material living standards and income, the level of cultural consumption will also keep pace with the times, so where is the increment of the printing market? How big is it? Drucker, a management master, has a famous saying: "the purpose of an enterprise is only an appropriate definition, creating customers." So who are the VIP customers that our printing enterprises are looking forward to? The following is an analysis of books and commercial printing

① since 1998, the paper consumption of China's publishing industry has been on the rise. In 2004, China has ranked first in the world with a total daily printing and distribution of newspapers of more than 85million copies. This momentum should continue. In the 11th five year plan formulated by Shanghai, it is predicted that the circulation of newspapers in 2010 will increase by 50% compared with that in 2004. With the strong financial support of the newspaper office, the newspaper printing plant strides into the field of periodical and commercial printing, expanding its own printing scope, among which Heilongjiang, Xinhua, Hubei, etc. are the leaders. In the past five years, newspaper printing houses have a large number of new commercial rotary printing presses in China

② the variety of book printing has increased, the number of code books has increased, and the number of prints has decreased. This is not only because the channels for people to obtain information have greatly increased than before, but also because the number of readers interested in reading novels has greatly decreased; Also because the topics of books are similar, the issuance cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the average number of prints has decreased sharply. In fact, online publishing has been impressive. Reede1ssv group in the United States is the fifth largest media group in the world, with sales of $946 million in 2003, of which 28.54% (2; 700 million) came from online publishing. China's Internet book publishing has also shown a good momentum of development. In 2004, the total sales of Shanghai alone reached 2.6 million, an increase of 85.7% over the previous year, which should be noticed by the traditional printing industry

③ textbook printing has always been the largest business source of book printing enterprises. With the implementation of the family planning policy, the number of students is decreasing. At the same time, due to the curriculum reform, the number of varieties increased by 38.7%, and the total printing number decreased by 14.55%. This tells us that the risk of factories with a single business channel is increasing

④ journals are considered to be the highlight of business growth, but they also have a satisfying side. In addition to the limited number resources, the publishing positioning is too similar, and many publications crowd the same path. The paper consumption of periodicals in 2003 increased by only 12.7% compared with that in 1999, and the average growth rate in the past four years was only 3.2%. In the field of paper-based publishing and commercial printing, it is unnecessary and impossible for China to achieve the per capita paper consumption and per capita book and periodical share that developed countries have achieved

⑤ with the expansion of production capacity and the decline of equipment utilization, more enterprises are looking to absorb overseas printing products, and the government also encourages enterprises to actively undertake external orders. There is no doubt that this is what we should strive for, but we can't help but see that the reason why overseas prints get domestic printing is that the printing quality is not poor, and the printing price has an advantage. With the rapid rise of labor prices, this advantage is gradually losing, and the export orders have shown a trend of exporting to India and other countries in Southeast Asia. While we are actively seizing foreign orders, overseas printing enterprises are also actively opening factories in China to compete for domestic orders. The two are mutually replaceable. With their capital advantages, it seems that their popularity is stronger than ours. In order to expand the channels of overseas orders, the state should also relax relevant policies and allow enterprises specializing in printing intermediaries

⑥ commercial printing is regarded as a business growth point by printing enterprises, especially the catalogue printing of products. Depending on expensive products, the cost of a mere product description is a drop in the bucket, just like cigarette packs for cigarettes, cosmetic boxes for cosmetics, and medicine packs for drugs. However, many domestic manufacturers are also facing the problems of low profits and insufficient investment in advertising costs. In addition, the domestic delivery channel is single, and the material testing machine can be divided into static load testing machine (static) and dynamic load testing machine (dynamic) according to the loading method. The delivery cost is expensive, which hinders more advertising products from entering thousands of households to a certain extent, as evidenced by the increasingly long payment cycle of advertising printing in hypermarkets

⑦ with the gradual growth of the government's financial resources, the government's printing procurement is also increasing. Actively participating in the bidding of government procurement should become an important link for enterprises to strive for business sources, which should be paid full attention to. The advantages of such projects also lie in the payment guarantee of funds and the relative fairness of prices. For example, our company contracted the printing and packaging of the "must read manual for disaster prevention for citizens" tendered by the Shanghai municipal government in 2004, with a sales of 6.1 million copies and 7.015 million yuan. Such a huge printing business is difficult to see in general projects

⑧ mail order promotional materials are becoming a new favorite of printing. A few years ago, there were only a few enterprises in China that relied on mail order to promote products, such as Bertelsmann and macaulan. In recent years, the number of companies across this channel has increased, and the products involved have further expanded from books, clothing and other items to sports equipment, cosmetics and other links. TV shopping channels have also been set up to regularly print promotional materials. Mail order relies on leaflets for marketing, so it has a large number of regular deliveries and a fixed cycle. It is a good customer for printing enterprises

in a word, the society is changing and the market is changing. Printing enterprises that survive in this society must actively respond in order to achieve the survival and development of enterprises

$page break $the impact of modern publishing industry on the printing industry

Hao Zhensheng, director of the China Institute of publishing Sciences

from the perspective of the whole industry, digital technology gave birth to the digital publishing industry and the digital printing industry. The industrial structure and market share of publishing and printing industry have changed

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