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Expired beer bottles become hidden bombs

Ms. Feng, who lives near Chongwenmen, Beijing, said that a few days ago, while her daughter was helping her family carry the beer that Thomas swan will continue to develop, test and improve the performance of these materials, a bottle of beer suddenly exploded, and when the broken glass flew away, it cut her daughter's leg, with a total of 8 stitches

whenever the hot summer comes, the sales volume of beer will increase significantly. But at this time, the self explosion of beer bottles often occurs more frequently, often threatening the safety of consumers. A staff member of the Beijing Consumer Association said that the explosion of beer bottles was due to the high temperature on the one hand, and the strength degradation of beer bottles due to their service life

"B bottle" extended service caused self explosion

according to the quality standard GB of the quality inspection department on beer bottles, each product should be marked with a special mark "B" within 20mm above the bottom of the bottle, and it is suggested that the service life of beer bottles is 2 years

it is understood that after the "bottle B" is recycled for five consecutive times, the strength of the bottle will be reduced, only 50% of the new bottle, there will be a risk of explosion, and the scratches, scratches and sun exposure caused during transportation will lead to the aging of the bottle material. In this way, the pressure distribution inside the beer bottle is no longer uniform, and if handled improperly, it will cause an explosion

in general, a beer bottle is recycled and reused about 3 times in a year. Therefore, beer bottles that have exceeded the normal service life of two years have been reused about 6 times. If they are not eliminated in time, the risk of explosion will increase with the increase of service time, and there can be no excessive vibration. However, due to the fact that the provisions on the service life of beer bottles are not mandatory standards, there are many "B bottles" that have been used beyond the time limit on the market at present, which has buried potential safety hazards

in a community supermarket in Chaoyang District, Beijing, I saw that the sales of cold drinks and beer here in summer were extremely hot. From time to time, residents of the community brought empty beer bottles to "exchange beer", and "hills" of beer and beer bottles were piled up at the entrance of the supermarket

the boss told that the supermarket usually has a large traffic of people. The daily necessities of residents in the community are basically purchased here, especially beverages. The daily consumption is even greater, of which only hundreds of bottles of beer can be sold every day

he also said that residents who buy beer in the community will exchange bottles for beer, with a mortgage of 5 cents for each empty bottle. However, the supermarket owner didn't know about the "B bottle" requirement for beer and didn't know the service life of beer bottles. He said: "I haven't heard that beer bottles still have a service life. Our customers take back hundreds of bottles every day, and we don't have time to check them all. This should be the business of the manufacturer?

" but we haven't seen the explosion of beer bottles. "

pick up a few bottles of beer at random in this small supermarket and observe it. It is found that ■ the main machine adopts the frame potential structure under the oil cylinder. There is an obvious English letter "B" near the bottom of these wine bottles, followed by a diamond or circular sign, then several numbers, and the last four digits are the production years of beer bottles

in this community supermarket, it is found that about half of the "B bottles" have exceeded the deadline of two years, and most of them are from 2001 to 2002, and even one is marked in 1997. These beer bottles have been circulating in the market for more than two years. If they are not handled properly, they are likely to threaten the safety of consumers

but in another large supermarket nearby, this situation did not happen to hardcover beer. Most of these wine bottles were produced in 2004 and 2005, and the phenomenon of more than two years is rare. It seems that the phenomenon of "bottle B" extended service is mostly concentrated on affordable beer with a price of about 2 yuan

mandatory standards need to be introduced

according to an industry source, the current price of producing a new "B bottle" is about 0.7 yuan -0.8 yuan, while the price of recycling is about 0.4 yuan -0.5 yuan. It will cost tens of millions of yuan to recycle all expired beer bottles and disposable beer bottles that are still in circulation in the market and replace them with new ones. This figure is equivalent to the profit of a brewery with an annual output of 100000 tons. And it is unrealistic to employ workers to differentiate the production years of beer bottles one by one

therefore, many beer manufacturers recycle the old "B" bottle and visually inspect it through sampling inspection to see if the bottle is damaged. No new pressure test and other tests will be carried out. If the appearance of the bottle is not damaged, it will be disinfected and refilled for use. This loose quality control has led to a large number of "B bottles" exceeding the recycling life

during the interview, most consumers said that although they had heard of the spontaneous explosion of beer bottles, they did not know the service life of beer bottles, and they did not know how to observe the b-sign and production life on the bottom of beer bottles when buying beer

a staff member of Beijing Consumer Association said: "Consumers should understand the necessary common sense of self-protection, and pay attention to the production date and service life before buying products, especially beer. At some times, the expiration of the packaging may be more dangerous than the expiration of the product. However, the national standard for the service life of beer bottles is still 2. The spot welding of hot-rolled steel bars should be used as a shear test, which is only recommended, and there is no mandatory time limit, so if you want to completely solve this problem, you have to rely on Rely on the consciousness of manufacturers and the improvement of consumers' awareness of self-protection. "

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