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XCMG xz3600 successfully crossed the Liaohe River by 28 meters, XCMG xz3600 successfully crossed the Liaohe River by 28 meters, and XCMG xz3600 successfully crossed the Liaohe River by 28 meters. Recently, XCMG xz3600 horizontal directional drilling rig appeared in the Liaohe River, marking the prelude to the construction of the oil pipeline crossing the Liaohe River. This project is another major project in Jilin Province in recent years. After completion, it will contribute new strength to the urban construction and resource utilization of Jilin Province

XCMG xz3600 construction in Liaohe River

XCMG xz3600's project of crossing Liaohe River this time, the river bottom operation depth is 28 meters, using wireless guidance technology with extended probe, the water flow is small, and the river surface guidance uses ship traction. Due to the complex soil quality, a reliable mudstone layer with a hardness of 30mp was selected for crossing according to the geological report, and rock drilling tools were used for cutting, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the project construction

the twenty day hole cleaning work was successfully completed, and the hole channel was smooth and barrier free. After removing all risk factors, the trusteeship was carried out. The pipe was slowly drilled into the hole like a dragon, and the whole process was trouble free. After 6 hours, the pipeline was unearthed, and the whole process was very smooth. XCMG's excellent quality and stability of equipment have been repeatedly praised by customers

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XCMG horizontal directional drilling construction highlights

"3000 meter record crossing "-- XCMG's large tonnage horizontal directional drill and very compact installation space limiting machine successfully crossed the Songhua River

XCMG xz180 horizontal directional drill was constructed in the New Zealand power pipeline crossing project

XCMG xz6600 was constructed in India

XCMG xz13600 the world's largest tonnage horizontal directional drill

XCMG horizontal directional drill production line

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