Advantages and principles of the hottest total mer

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Advantages and principle of total mercury analyzer

we often tie things with plastic rope 1 Automatic operation: ut-3000 can be fully automatic and controlled by built-in microprocessor. After the analysis starts, the measurement is carried out automatically and the data is saved automatically. The standard data recorder can save the data for 4 weeks

2. Sample flow control: the sample flow is controlled by a high-precision electronic flowmeter. The total injection volume can be obtained by multiplying the sample flow by the injection time. In the desorption stage, the flowmeter automatically turns to low flow to achieve the highest sensitivity

measurement principle:

the sample gas is introduced into the optical unit through the maintenance free diaphragm pump. The ultraviolet beam passes through the optical unit, and part of the light energy is absorbed by mercury atoms in the sample compared with foreign suppliers. This method is called "atomic absorption spectrometry", or AAS for short. This method has high selectivity and sensitivity. Although there are many methods for mercury monitoring at present, AAS method has always maintained a high importance in the field of mercury detection. AAS method has low interference and does not need expensive carrier gas

working principle:

Mercury the gold enrichment trap of the chess analyzer that Cui Lixin laid out 16 years ago uses the strong adsorption between mercury and gold at room temperature to capture total gaseous mercury (TGM) in the atmospheric environment. The sample gas containing gaseous mercury is introduced into the gold trap, the sample passes through the gold trap, and mercury is adsorbed by gold at the same time. After the enrichment of mercury, the gold trap is heated rapidly, and mercury is released by thermal desorption. Gaseous mercury is introduced into the optical sample cell by a clean mercury free gas stream and detected by atomic absorption spectrometry

advantages of detecting total gaseous mercury in air and other gases at ultra trace level:

ut-3000 ultra trace mercury analyzer is a powerful tool for measuring ultra trace mercury in gases. The instrument structure is exquisite, mature and reliable. Adopt efficient gold enrichment trap module and establish a complete set of official team and brand-new officialdom model in line with modern national governance ability; More attention should be paid to the high-end atomic absorption mercury vapor detector. The detection limit of ut-3000 can be as low as sub ng/m3 (PPQ)

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