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Notes on problems related to antimony in PET bottles

the content of antimony in plastic bottles and the migration of antimony in products are strictly limited by relevant national standards. Now, the related problems of antimony in PET bottles are explained as follows:

1 The production process of using antimony catalyst in the production of plastic food packaging containers has been widely used and recognized by countries all over the world, including China

2. At present, the conditioning and stability of screw speed is one of the important process requirements of host transmission. This paper reports the detection results of antimony content in plastic packaging by a professor of Beijing Institute of fashion. After verification, the test method used by the professor is not the method specified in the national standard. At the same time, the published data does not indicate the unit, which is not scientific, and cannot be used as a basis for judging whether the product is qualified

3. China has relevant national standards and regulations on the limit of antimony in PET resin, the limit of antimony in pet molded products, the use of antimony trioxide in PET bottles, specific migration or large residue (calculated by antimony), and the detection methods of antimony, such as GB, GB, GB, gb/t5009

4. The beverage industry is an industry that is negative to consumers. Ensuring that product quality and food safety comply with relevant national standards and regulations is the bottom line for enterprises to improve the development level of the new material industry. Enterprises should abide by the corresponding national standards to ensure food safety

5. The beverage industry welcomes the attention of the public and social institutions to the safety of beverages and food. However, in order to avoid consumers' unnecessary doubts about food safety, we hope that such attention should be scientific and rigorous, and truly responsible for society and consumers

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but a trace of water during injection molding will lead to the decomposition of polyarylate

201 in recent years, the number of plastic machines imported into China is also rapidly promoting March 8, 2003

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