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The date of the expired food was changed and repackaged for sale on the shelves

the expired food that was originally delisted from the shelves was changed and returned to counter sales. Recently, according to reports from the masses, the Jinan Department of industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with this dens in a residential house on Qinghe Road, which could not have signs of slipping

Ms. Li, who lives in Tianqiao District, often buys some food for her children in the small supermarket near her home. On the 4th, when Ms. Li went to this small supermarket again to buy noodles, she found that the shelf life of various children's noodles was different. Ms. Li told the store that the owner contacted the supplier, and the supplier said it was the wrong goods

Ms. Li, who felt something strange, then pointed out to Beiyuan Industrial and commercial office that it was necessary to focus on the reflection of capacity reduction in these two difficult industries. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers then found the location of the supplier located on Qinghe Road through the supermarket. In a small house, there are boxes of eight kinds of beautifully packaged noodles, including children's high calcium noodles and children's egg noodles. In the middle of the house, there is a sealing machine and a coding machine. On the sealing machine, there are also two bottles of gasoline and a piece of gauze. Beside it, there are many new plastic bags and unpacked noodles

after the investigation of industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, song, the final supplier, admitted that some of these expired foods returned by supermarkets were refunded by 2 The disposal method of waste plastics is to return to the original factory. Part of it is to use gauze with a minimum width of not less than 70mm dipped in gasoline to erase the production date or shelf life on the plastic bag of food, and then use the coding machine to mark the new date, and then send it back to the supermarket for sale. Subsequently, the industry and Commerce sealed up the warehouse where the expired food was stored. At present, the case is under further investigation. Correspondent of Sang Haibo, Wang Bing, Wang Xinli

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