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Experts talk about the problems existing in the production of China's plastic industry

industry experts analyze that China's plastic industry currently mainly has the following problems:

1. There are more medium and low-grade products

among the products with general resin as raw materials, the proportion of medium and low-grade products is higher, and the proportion of high-tech and high value-added products is lower. For example, films, artificial leather, footwear and other products produced from PVC still account for more than 50%. Among all kinds of products with polypropylene as raw material, labor-intensive low-value woven bag products are still the main ones, while polypropylene film products with high technical content account for a low proportion of production

2. There are few high-tech and high value-added products

general engineering plastics products with high technical content and high value-added account for a low proportion of the total plastic products, while the output of special engineering plastics is less. High grade is the preferred or special-purpose plastic products with a relatively large load of 20KN (3) 00kn and a frequency of 80 (2) 50Hz for testing metal materials in the process of tensile testing, which still need to be imported. According to customs statistics, China needs to import more than 1 million tons of high-end and special-purpose plastic products every year. At present, 20% of PVC leather products and 30% of polyurethane leather products in China cannot be produced, and they need to be imported every year to meet the market demand

3. Processing machinery lags behind

at present, the annual sales of plastic processing machinery in China reaches 5billion-6billion yuan, the annual amount of imported plastic processing machinery is about 100million US dollars, and the number of imported equipment accounts for about 20% of the total plastic processing machinery produced in China. Since the reform and opening up, China has made great progress in the variety, quality, supporting and supply capacity of plastic processing machinery and equipment, but compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap in the control system, quality, speed, accuracy and supporting

compared with developed countries, where the accumulation of new material technology in China is relatively weak, the manufacturing accuracy of plastic molds in China is still one order of magnitude lower, and the manufacturing cycle is also 2-5 times longer. In addition, the service life of molds is short, the surface quality is poor, the degree of standardization is low, and the computer-aided design and manufacturing are just starting, so most of the medium and high-end molds still rely on imports

4. Short service life and poor supporting capacity

at present, the average service life of agricultural film in China is only 1 year, while that in industrialized countries is 2-3 years or more. The service life of drip free agricultural film is only 2-3 months, which is generally more than 6 months abroad. There are few varieties of packaging materials, poor barrier and short shelf life. The durability and supporting capacity of plastic door and window profiles and building plastic pipes are also poor. Injection products have poor surface finish and large shrinkage

5. Repeated construction, economic benefits decline

at present, China's woven products have entered the pilot stage. Due to repeated construction, supply exceeds demand for medium and low-grade products such as woven bags, wallpapers, PVC artificial leather, etc., resulting in low operating rates and serious losses for enterprises. In recent years, the newly developed large-scale production line of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) has been introduced too much and too aggressively, resulting in a sharp decline in product prices. When the market of rigid PVC foamed board has not been developed, it rushed into mass action and blindly introduced more than 30 production lines, resulting in a serious shortage of operating rate

6. raw material production and processing capacity do not match

raw material production and processing capacity in various regions do not match. For example, ethylene production capacity in Northeast China accounts for 30% of the country, while processing capacity only accounts for 5.3% of the country. The ethylene production capacity of South China accounts for 11.5% of the country, while the processing capacity accounts for 45.5% of the country

7. the supply of raw materials is small, poor quality, and lack of varieties

although domestic plastic raw materials have improved in output, quality, and variety in recent years, they can not meet the market demand. Many products still need to be imported, and the annual import volume exceeds the domestic volume. MBS, ABS and other resins are basically all imported. Although biaxially oriented polypropylene film special materials and other products have been developed in China, 70% of them have to be imported from abroad due to unstable quality

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