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24 Chinese enterprises were listed on the list of the world's top 75 tires in 2009

recently, the list of the world's top 75 tires in 2009 selected by the U.S. rubber and plastics weekly was announced, and Bridgestone Corporation of Japan regained the world's top tire title. It can be seen from the performance of the listed companies that the high level of the world tire industry has fallen, and the economic benefits have generally declined. At the same time, the number of Chinese tire enterprises entering the world's top 75 has increased to 24, forming a bright Chinese landscape

the title race is to meet the fierce market demand of customers in these industries.

since 1995, Michelin group of France and Bridgestone of Japan have always ranked first and second in the world. Bridgestone since 200 common drug packaging products such as polypropylene and polyethylene infusion bottles, non PVC multi-layer co extrusion infusion bags, oral solid pharmaceutical polypropylene bottles, oral solid pharmaceutical high-density polyethylene bottles, etc. are made of plastic materials. After replacing Michelin in the first place for five years, Michelin was unwilling to fall behind and won the crown in 2008. But this year's title was snatched back by Bridgestone. It owns 16% shares of Nokia tire company in Finland and 43% shares of Bridgestone sabach tire in Turkey, making a certain contribution to Bridgestone's return to the top of the world's tires

the next third to tenth places are Goodyear in the United States, Continental Germany, Pirelli in Italy, Sumitomo in Japan, Yokohama rubber in Japan, Korea tire, GUPT tire in the United States, and Jinhu in Korea, as in 2008. Zhengxin rubber in Taiwan, China and Toyo rubber in Japan, whose sales revenue increased by 21.2%, changed greatly from 11th to 20th, ranking 11th; The sales revenue of Hangzhou Zhongce company increased by 64%, rising from the 15th place last year to the 13th place. There are 14 enterprises in the world's 2billion Dollar Club, and Hangzhou Zhongce company is the first enterprise in Chinese Mainland to join. There are 22 enterprises in the $1billion club, and the Chinese enterprises shortlisted are triangle group, Shandong Linglong and Shanghai shuangqian

the new Chinese enterprises entering the top 75 ranking are Shandong Luhe, Xingyuan tire, Shandong Shengtai, Shandong China market with great growth potential Wanda, Shandong Jinyu, Qingdao Sailun, Xuzhou XCMG and Thailand's Inoue rubber. The number of new faces in this year's top 75 is the highest over the years, mainly because China has provided more comprehensive tire enterprise data. Among the top 75, Chinese Mainland holds 19 seats, India 9 seats, the United States 6 seats, Taiwan, China 5 seats, Japan, Russia 3.5 seats, Russia 4 seats each, South Korea 3 seats, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy and Turkey 2 seats each. Countries with one seat include France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Czech Republic, Singapore, Finland, Belarus, Pakistan, Ecuador, Ukraine, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel and Argentina

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