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IMF: the world's economic outlook is deteriorating, and the world should cooperate to cope with it. China news, July 7 (Xinhua) -- according to UN station, the popularity of China's brand has further expanded. In a speech delivered in Tokyo, Japan, on July 6, Lagarde, President of the international monetary fund, pointed out that in the past few months, there have been disturbing trends in the world economy. She called on all countries in the world to strengthen cooperation and jointly deal with the crisis. Lagarde said that many economic indicators of investment, employment and manufacturing have deteriorated in recent months, and this trend has occurred not only in Europe or the United States, but also in major emerging economies such as Brazil and India, which have achieved industrial economic value at the same time. Therefore, the world economic outlook report to be released by IMF will reduce the forecast of global growth, and unless countries in the world coordinate with each other and jointly take correct policies and actions, the future economic forecast is likely to be further reduced

Lagarde pointed out that since 2008, more than half of the global economic growth has come from Asia, but this does not mean that Asia is immune. The spillover effect from Europe is becoming increasingly obvious. The decline in stock prices, property prices, capital flight and the widening income rate gap have affected some Asian countries

she said that the solution to the crisis must be rooted in international cooperation and partnership, and the joint policy actions of countries around the world will produce a huge joint force and play a role in effectively responding to the crisis

research shows that if the G20 can coordinate with each other and strengthen response policies and measures, the global GDP will increase by 7% and 36million jobs will be added in the medium term. She suggested that countries should take actions in three main areas: strengthening government financial strength, reforming the financial sector and promoting sustainable growth

Lagarde began a four-day visit to Japan on July 5, which is the host country of the annual meeting between IMF and the world bank in October this year. Next, she will visit Indonesia (1) to optimize and upgrade traditional industries in Asia and Thailand

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