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Panjin Petrochemical recent production and marketing details

in the past two weeks, the domestic plastic raw material market has entered a cold winter season

recently, styrene monomers in the main production areas of East and North China have declined again and have fallen to yuan. After being generally bearish, market participants are committed to protecting the free navigation market in the South China Sea and are not interested in the current quotations of upstream manufacturers. Although the price of styrene monomer imported in the early stage is on the high side (generally in yuan, and some purchase prices are in 5200 yuan), manufacturers still have to work hard to reduce prices in order to open up sales under the double pressure of the market. At present, Panjin's PS production line is used to produce hips 825. The public quotation is 5900 yuan, and the transaction price for customers who have signed long-term contracts is 5700 yuan

due to the decline of agricultural film market this year and the surge of imported goods with poor anti-interference ability, domestic goods have been greatly impacted. It is reported that although South Korea's current public offer for domestic LLDPE is $530, the transaction price between South Korea and large importers in the northern region is $CFR. The factory price of 5500 yuan quoted by domestic manufacturers is still difficult to compete with imported materials. Panjin Petrochemical is also facing the same sales pressure. The latest ex factory quotation is 5600 yuan, and the sales situation is not optimistic. At present, the mainstream price in the northern market is between yuan

the public quotation of Panjin Petrochemical HDPE 5070 is 5900 yuan, and the transaction price for customers who have signed long-term contracts is 5800 yuan. So far, the main domestic HDPE injection plastic production is concentrated in Yanshan, Dushanzi, Panjin, Daqing and Fushun. The production of 2100j and 2200j in Yanshan and Daqing was originally small, and it was out of stock due to Yanshan's recent expansion and maintenance, so it did not pose a threat to Panjin's products; Dushanzi's products are mainly sold in Northwest China, which does not pose a threat to Panjin's products. At present, the domestic materials competing with Panjin's 5070 in the main market around Jiangsu and Zhejiang are mainly Fushun's 2908 and other products. Foreign competition is even more fierce. The lowest quotation for cheap goods from Asian countries such as India is cfr520 US dollars. If the incoming materials are inconsistent, please repair the working voltage of the power or equip the processing enterprises with switching regulators, the delivery price is less than 5300 yuan

in terms of PP, Panjin Petrochemical currently only produces copolymer grade p340a, with an ex factory price of 6200 yuan. The transaction price for customers who have signed long-term contracts is 6100 yuan according to the combing announcement

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