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Home decoration waterproof coating construction needs to pay attention to details

details needing attention in the construction of waterproof coating for home decoration

March 31, 2020

in the process of decoration, waterproofing is a very important concealed project. Although it can't be seen, the waterproof layer has laid the foundation for a peaceful family life and good neighborhood relations in the future. Once the house leaks, the work that needs to be done is only to meet people's requirements, and the work volume is often beyond imagination. What should we pay attention to

home, which means that if we don't liquidate them in the next 10 years, we need to pay attention to five points

first, pay attention to the treatment of the base course, that is, the pretreatment of the concrete wall and floor

there are many reasons for the leakage of buildings, and one of the most important reasons is the problem of the treatment of the base course during the waterproof construction. Therefore, the base surface must be cleaned up, such as concrete residues, projections, oil stains, floating ash, etc., knock out the loose places in the base course, and fill in some coatings with cement mortar or plugging king, which are all better than low-carbon automobile steel plate

II. Slotting and strengthening treatment of pipe root and floor drain

internal and external corners, pipe root and floor drain shall be painted with waterproof first, and these node parts must be strengthened. The specific method is as follows: the pipe root and floor drain are slotted with steel chisel, and sealed tightly and maintained with plugging king. And then use Weifeng in the processed one ® Nano silicone rubber composite lotion waterproof coating + non-woven fabric, using the working method of "one cloth and three coats", brush repeatedly to achieve the effect of completely sealing a leakage part

III. the grooves and grooves should be sealed tightly

especially the area reserved for washing supplies in the pipeline groove and flue, clean it with water after cleaning according to the above method, and brush the seal after repairing it with plugging king ® Nano silicone rubber composite lotion waterproof coating

fourth, don't paint large surfaces "more, faster and less"

then paint large areas, first the wall and then the ground, paint 2-3 times, and the former and the latter are crisscross. It should be pointed out that the first waterproof surface must be dry before painting the second time. The interval time depends on the temperature and humidity of the day. Generally, it takes 2 hours in summer and a little longer in winter

v. don't forget the waterproof of the threshold stone

when the bathroom is completely painted, remember that there is another place not to forget, that is, the threshold stone. The specific method of waterproof threshold stone: clean it, sprinkle water to wet it, fill it up, brush it with waterproof after it is dry and solid, and extend it to the following three reasons: the first outer wall is 30cm high on the left and right sides, and the waterproof layer is 30cm high. After it is dry and solid, lay the threshold stone

in addition to selecting good waterproof materials, we should also cooperate with standardized construction technology, be meticulous, do not miss any possible leakage point, and make the whole waterproof layer complete, so as to achieve the effect of "skin waterproof" and ensure that the family is not disturbed by water leakage~

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