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Twin stars of the European Cup: an analysis of the construction machinery market of the host country

the summer of 2012 belongs to the European Cup. Although the London Olympic Games, which followed, is the world's largest comprehensive sports event, the charm of the world's first sport is still unstoppable. The European Football Championship, also known as the European Cup, has attracted widespread attention this summer. The European Cup group stage has come to an end. Although the host countries Poland and Ukraine were eliminated in the group stage, their performance has been respected by the world. As a traditional strong team in European football, Poland won the third place in the 1974 and 1982 World Cups, although its historical record in the European Cup was not ideal. As an important force of the former Soviet Union football team, Ukrainian football once helped the former Soviet Union win one championship and three third place in the European Cup. Although the recent achievements of the national football teams of the two countries are not ideal, the development prospects of the football of the two countries in the future are widely optimistic. The development of the two host countries of the European Cup in the field of construction machinery is very similar to the football of the two countries. Taking advantage of the upsurge of the European Cup, China Construction machinery trade has reviewed the history and development status of the construction machinery market in Poland and Ukraine

Poland: economically high-quality students have opened the door to the European market

just like Japan, South Korea and now China, which once achieved rapid economic development, the holding of the European Cup is a rare historical opportunity for Poland. In recent years, Poland has made great progress in the economy. From September 27 to October 2, 2009, when the economic crisis was very serious, Poland was the only country in the European continent that achieved economic growth. In 2011, Poland's economic growth even reached 4.4%, which stood out among European countries. It is expected that in 2012, Poland's economic growth will reach 2.7%, This growth was the highest among EU countries deeply affected by the European debt crisis. Poland's economy has shown abnormal growth in recent years, which is different from that of other EU countries. To a certain extent, it benefits from the infrastructure construction driven by the European Cup, which is also a great positive factor for the Polish construction machinery market. Poland has invested 32billion US dollars in infrastructure construction for the European Cup. It is observed that infrastructure projects, cranes and other construction machinery products can be seen everywhere in Poland, which is also a scenic spot in Poland

although the Polish economy has also experienced a huge decline during the painful transition period, under the guidance of adhering to reform, after more than 20 years of development, Poland has established a relatively healthy, stable and rule of law market economy system. At a time when Greece was in deep debt crisis and was ready to withdraw from the euro zone, Poland was actively striving for integration with Western European countries. This statement was recognized by most Polish citizens. Analysis showed that Poland could meet the standards of the euro zone by 2015, which also showed the confidence of Poland's economy in sustained and stable development. The European Cup is the largest international event ever held by Poland. Traditionally, in the eyes of Europeans, Poland is a relatively backward country. However, Poland's industrial level can not be underestimated, especially in the field of mining machinery. Polish products have certain competitiveness in the international market. The main varieties of mining machinery in Poland include: comprehensive coal mining equipment for mining face, shearer, working face and lower chute conveyor, belt conveyor, hanging train, coal preparation equipment, hydraulic and control equipment, drilling equipment and spare parts, special equipment for mine rescue, large machinery for lignite mine, dumping machine, wheel bucket excavator, self-propelled conveyor, mining machinery accessories, etc. Poland is the largest coal producing country in the European Union, with a long history of coal mining. Poland began coal mining in the 16th century and entered the development period of coal mining in the 18th century. Coal plays an important role in Poland's energy policy. The mining machinery related to it can be said to be Poland's traditional dominant field

Ukraine: declining aristocrats seek new breakthroughs

another host country of the European Cup - Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. It was once an important heavy industry gathering area of the former Soviet Union. Its military strength accounts for 1/4 of the former Soviet Union, and it is known as the second industrial power of the former Soviet Union after Russia. In the period of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine's industry once made great contributions, its iron ore accounted for 1/2 of the former Soviet Union's iron ore output, steel accounted for 34%, electricity accounted for 20%, petroleum processing machinery accounted for nearly 18%, chemical equipment accounted for more than 28%, agricultural machinery accounted for more than 26%. However, today's Ukraine is no longer brilliant, Ukraine's national income is still at a low level, and its GDP is even lower than the level in 1989. In 2009, Ukraine's economic aggregate fell by 14.5%, setting a world record. From 2010 to 2011, the Ukrainian economy grew by only 4.7%. The holding of the European Cup is considered to be an important step for Ukraine to revitalize its economy. It is reported that Ukraine has invested 134billion US dollars in this European Cup. Huge investment does bring employment and more opportunities, but high investment also brings certain risks. According to Da Vinci AG, Ukraine will lose $6billion to $8billion due to its joint hosting of the European Cup

in view of the current development status of Ukraine's machinery manufacturing industry, Ukrainian industry experts said that although the development scene of Ukraine's machinery manufacturing industry seems good in principle, as a former industrial developed country, the machinery manufacturing industry has lost its dominant position in Ukraine's economic structure 20 years ago and has been replaced by low value-added raw materials and semi raw material industrial exports in the fields of metallurgy and chemistry. In the field of construction machinery, Ukraine's performance is also poor

Eastern Europe is an important market for Chinese construction machinery enterprises, and Ukraine is also attracting more and more Chinese construction machinery enterprises to invest. In 2011, Sany Heavy Industry held a product promotion meeting in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which was attended by more than 90 people, including representatives of the Ukrainian parliament, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of economy, the Kiev state government, heads of the chamber of Commerce and industry, and local customers. At the end of 2011, Sany Heavy Equipment officially signed the "general framework contract for Sany and dtek cooperation in the next two years" with Ukraine dtek group in Donetsk, Ukraine, which involves the purchase of 30 roadheader machines and 2 sets of fully mechanized mining equipment. Cami, a subsidiary of state machinery group, and Ukrainian agricultural giant ukrlandmanufacturing (ULF) signed a cooperation framework agreement with an amount of US $4.129 billion this year. The cooperation covers new energy power generation projects, grain port construction projects, as well as the establishment of tractor assembly plants and the sale and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment

the impact of the holding of large-scale events on a country is not just on the sports level. The European Cup may be a rare development opportunity for Poland and Ukraine. In the process of continuous development and internationalization of Chinese construction machinery enterprises, the Eastern European market will be an important base for them to enter Europe. How to find business opportunities in the two countries in the post European Cup era may be what Chinese construction machinery enterprises should consider now

Poland is the gateway to Europe. To a certain extent, the holding of the European Cup in Eastern Europe is also to speed up the process of the region's integration into the European Union. For Chinese construction machinery enterprises, the Polish market is also a stepping stone to open the door of European construction machinery. As early as 2007, XCMG group established XCMG Poland assembly plant in wowich City, Lodz Province, Poland, which is likely to show that everyone has no money. In 2011, XCMG acquired 6 Is the safety protection device of the universal tensile strength tester for steel wire rope faulty? Two core parts manufacturers in Poland are used to improve their own industrial chain. Today, XCMG loaders occupy the first place in the Polish market, surpassing Komatsu, Carter and other international giants. Sany zeta height dynamometer plans to invest US $million in Poland to build a factory, which is expected to officially start construction in 2012. Liugong completed the acquisition of the Polish HSW construction machinery business unit project at the end of January this year. On May 9, the first loader and excavator of Liugong machinery Poland Co., Ltd. were successfully rolled off the production line, an important step to realize localized production

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