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Analysis on the competitive advantages of Huangyan plastic mold industry cluster

after a long-term development, the faster the speed is, the smaller the torque is, the Huangyan plastic mold industry has many advantages:

flexible production and operation mechanism

from the perspective of system, there are joint-stock and joint-stock cooperative enterprises, as well as joint-venture private and individual enterprises. From the perspective of operation mode, the decision-making power of production and operation of the enterprise belongs to the factory director, and the employees implement the recruitment system, which allows them to enter and leave. It is very difficult for domestic material enterprises to enter, so as to meet the needs of enterprise production technology and operation management. In the process of operation, most enterprises adopt the contract management system with factory level leaders as the core, and some also implement the contract with teams and groups as units. Many factory level cadres of enterprises also participate in team contracting. Some enterprises allow contracting groups to take over business by themselves, and allow contractors to raise funds to purchase equipment. Some enterprises implement the four unified measures for undertaking business, production scheduling, product and process design, and quality acceptance. In either way, they have adopted the principle of pay according to work and more income and more distribution. The employees have high labor enthusiasm, short production cycle and good economic benefits

socialized collaborative processing network

in fact, through natural division of labor, Huangyan mold industry has formed two categories of professional mold manufacturing and complete set processing service enterprises, which are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. They are engaged in mold manufacturing and machining, heat treatment processing, forging processing, electrical processing, fitter processing, leather grain processing, carving processing, surveying and mapping design and other businesses. Some mold manufacturing enterprises also form collaborative processing networks. Enterprises purchase some key equipment, and other equipment can be purchased by individuals, placed in workshops, operated and managed by themselves. The standard parts, raw materials, equipment, hardware tools and other industries related to the mold industry have also developed rapidly, and a fully functional socialized mold processing cooperation network has been built. For example, Huangyan mold group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly providing mold steel and standard parts, providing standard parts for local and domestic Qingdao Haier, Rongshida and other companies

well configured technical equipment

with the development and extension of the plastic industry and the improvement of the level of demand, the accuracy and requirements of molds are becoming higher and higher. Huangyan's enterprises have increased investment in technological transformation and advanced equipment to ensure the quality of molds. According to incomplete statistics, over the past five years, Huangyan mold industry has invested more than 400 million yuan in technological transformation to purchase machining centers and other numerical control equipment. Through technological transformation, Zhejiang mold factory invested more than 50 million yuan, which was identified as a specific revitalization enterprise by the State Council. The State Economic and Trade Commission issued the first and second phases of national alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working mold steel and other double addition projects. In 2001, it was listed as the national key technological transformation double high and one excellent project, with an investment of 130 million yuan. So far, more than 2000 mold factories in the region have 6045 sets of various equipment, including 3809 sets of numerical control equipment, with numerical control reaching 63%; At the same time, cad/cae/cam has been used for design, analysis and manufacturing, which greatly improves the grade of Huangyan mold products

a hard-working high-level technical team

the technical team of Huangyan mold enterprise is developed by teachers and apprentices. Teachers teach by example, students learn by doing, and master technology in production practice. With the rapid development of the mold industry, a number of rural labor forces have been transformed into industrial workers through apprenticeship, forming a large-scale and highly skilled workforce. In recent years, enterprises have adopted the method of going out and inviting in to constantly update their knowledge and improve their technical level. Some went to Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of technology for further study, some were sent abroad for study, some invited foreign experts, teachers from major enterprises and colleges and universities in Hong Kong and China to guide the project, and the district also used vocational schools and industrial technical schools to run mold professional classes to supplement mold technicians. Enrich the team through various ways, improve quality, and create talent characteristics of Huangyan mold team. According to incomplete statistics, there are now 45000 professionals engaged in mold manufacturing in the region, including tens of thousands with college degrees or above, and more than 1000 senior and intermediate technicians from colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and large state-owned factories; Some skilled workers are also employed by Guangdong, Shandong and other places with high salaries

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