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Analysis on the connotation of commercial naming culture of current well-known enterprises in China Abstract: China's thousands of years of historical and cultural traditions have a profound impact on our daily life and work. In contemporary times, many business names of enterprises are intending to return to traditional culture, and express their entrepreneurial pursuits and ideals with their distinctive national culture and broad connotation. This not only invisibly improves the popularity of the enterprise, but also injects a strong spiritual impetus into the rapid development of the enterprise

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primary analysis on commercial naming culture notation current well-known enterprise in China

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Abstract: Several thousands of years historical and cultural traditions are affecting our daily life and the work profoundly in China. In the present age, many enterprise’s commercial naming are intending to the traditional culture return, with its national culture color, the connotation great name expressing own undertaking pursue and its ideal. This imperceptibly has already been promoting enterprise's popularity, more enterprise’s fast development has instilled the formidable energetic power.

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according to the statistical data of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2006, the total number of enterprises registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has reached 7.878 million. In this large number of entrepreneurial forces, a number of powerful enterprises have emerged. Although the management methods are different, it is undeniable that almost all these enterprises and their famous brands have a bright name. American economist David Bell said, "business name is the carrier of corporate image and brand." It can be seen that a proper name is of great significance to an enterprise

China is an ancient country with a splendid civilization of 5000 years, and its excellent cultural tradition continues for generations. The long history and culture and long-term naming practice have formed the naming tradition that China has always attached importance to cultural connotation. This tradition precipitates the language characteristics and unique cultural psychology of our nation, and naturally affects the practice of business naming of today's enterprises

On December 19, 2006, the Ministry of Commerce held a licensing ceremony for "China Time-honored Brand" enterprises in Beijing, and awarded plaques and certificates to 430 enterprises that won the title of "China Time-honored Brand", including Moutai, Quanjude, Wuliangye, Tongrentang, Guanshengyuan, zhangxiaoquan, songhelou, Hengyuanxiang, Wu Yutai. This is not only the honor of independent innovation and cultural inheritance of time-honored brands, but also a sign that enterprises undertake more social responsibilities. The process of a country's economic development has always been accompanied by the development of national brands, "time-honored brands" are the most typical representatives. Most of them have withstood various tests, such as social changes and turbulence and fierce market competition. China's cooperation with Asian and European countries is in the best period in history. It has survived and developed to this day. It has experienced vicissitudes and has been strong for a long time, and has tenacious vitality. Because they are liked by the people and have a broad mass base, they can follow the commercial blood of the Chinese nation, inherit the essence of ancient civilization, and form a unique commercial culture and unique business philosophy

as the saying goes, "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", the accumulation of history is the gold mine of "time-honored" enterprises. In the long-term development, time-honored brands have formed a unique cultural atmosphere, and their brand signs, store regulations, store training, business methods and store patterns all reflect the distinctive colors of traditional culture. For example, the name of the hundred year old brand "Tongrentang" is derived from the "benevolence" in the Confucian culture that affects the process of Chinese civilization. This can not only make customers feel good, but also make the employees of the enterprise have cohesion and a good feeling of "colleagues" and "all brothers in the world", so as to consciously strengthen the collective consciousness and team spirit. Another point is that traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, and the sense of simplicity and elegance given by "Tongrentang" precisely reflects the characteristics of its products and even the industry. As a traditional Chinese medicine shop, "Tong Ren Tang" has become a conventional identification mark. As long as customers look at the signboard of "Tong Ren Tang" or other "Tang" signs, they will know that this place is a traditional Chinese medicine shop. Another example is "Dukang liquor" as a famous liquor in China's history. Dukang is the originator of liquor making in China. During the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao also said in his "short song line" that "there is only Dukang to relieve worries". Obviously, two well-known historical figures have established the popularity and authority of the wine

these famous old stores have gone through a glorious journey for hundreds of years, and now they are writing a new chapter of entrepreneurship in the action of inheriting historical civilization. However, there are also many "time-honored brands" that ignore the excavation and collation of deep cultural heritage, and pay less attention to making full use of their unique culture to create brands, promote brands, enrich brands and promote brands, so their scenery is no longer, or even disappear. Releasing the youthful vitality of "time-honored brands" and continuing the context of "time-honored brands" have increasingly become a common concern of governments at all levels, all sectors of society and "time-honored" enterprises

2 the popularity of "celebrities" reflects the Chinese spirit

in the long history of development, the Chinese nation has accumulated and formed its own unique and great national character and spirit. The basic spirit of Chinese culture is characterized by constant self-improvement, moral integrity, vigilance in times of peace, respect for etiquette, family, country and the world, and so on. Nurtured by five thousand years of culture, Chinese "celebrities" are surging, such as romantic celebrities, famous mountains and rivers, supernatural animals and so on. They are either the founders of the Huaxia spirit, or the material carrier of the Huaxia spirit. Once they are named by enterprises, the connotation of the enterprise spirit immediately appears thick and deep

for example, the Yangtze River, which originates from the geladan winter snow mountain in the Tanggula mountains of Qinghai, has a total length of 6300 kilometers. It is the largest river in China and the third largest river in the world. The Yangtze River flows with the wisdom of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, witnessing the glorious process of the Chinese nation's splendid civilization for thousands of years. It is a symbol of long-standing, civilized and endless life. Hong Kong "Cheung Kong Industrial Company" has this meaning, When talking about the name of the company, Li Ka Shing once said, "the name of the Yangtze River is based on the fact that the Yangtze River doesn't choose small streams - how can it become the Yangtze River without small tributaries? Only with such a broad mind, can I be so proud and don't think I'm 'Rak sun' (everything comes first) , recognize the strengths of others and get help from others. This is the ancient saying that "tolerance is great". If there were not so many people working for me today, I would not be able to cope with so many things even if I had three heads and six arms. Therefore, the key to success in my career is to have someone who can help the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed power through the gear with few teeth on the input shaft of the reducer to mesh with the big gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration, help you, and be willing to work with you. This is my philosophy. " The name "Yangtze River" reflects Li Ka Shing's mind of turning a trickle into a sea. Today, Cheung Kong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has businesses in 41 countries around the world, with more than 163000 employees, and ranks among the top 100 enterprises in the world. It has many enterprises listed on the Hong Kong Securities growth enterprise market. The development of the enterprise is indeed like a surging river with great momentum

another example is panda, which has become the favorite of Chinese people because of its lovely appearance and gentle personality. It is said that in ancient times, the two armies fought until the sky and the earth darkened and the sun and the moon dimmed. Suddenly, one side raised the panda flag, and the war soon stopped. It turned out that in the Western Jin Dynasty, the panda was called "Yu", because it ate bamboo without killing life and ate iron. The ancients believed that it had the meaning of "turning fighting into friendship", so it was called "righteous beast". The two sides of the war agreed to use the Kuiyu flag to express truce and friendship. Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, had a headache from the cold wind, so he placed a screen and painted a panda on it. The headache disappeared. So I wrote the praise of the giant panda to express the importance of a peaceful and quiet environment to mankind. Since ancient times, pandas have always been brave, honest, peaceful, honest and docile in the eyes of Chinese people, which fully embodies the spirit of "harmony". Panda itself is an invisible big advertisement. Therefore, enterprises named after "Panda" have inherent brand advantages. "Nanjing Panda Electronics" is such a company. Although it rarely advertises, it is a model of integrity in the eyes of customers. It has occupied its own territory in the electronic field for decades, as solid as gold

in the era of commodity economy, some economic minded celebrities realized the commercial value of their names and began to use their names as store names or start enterprises. For example, Li Ning, known as the "Prince of Gymnastics in the world", registered "Li Ning sporting goods Co., Ltd." with his own name. It is the aura of winning the world gymnastics champion for many times that makes the "Li Ning" brand sporting goods particularly eye-catching. But as far as Li Ning enterprises are concerned, it is the company's confidence and desire to pursue world-class with Li Ning's fighting spirit of winning the championship. For them, "Li Ning" brand is not so much an enterprise name and trademark as a concentration of enterprise spirit. Similarly, Deng Yaping, a famous Chinese table tennis player, has registered "Deng Yaping sporting goods Co., Ltd." under her own name

3 poems and essays are named, which continue and create classics

ancient Chinese poetry and prose allusions contain high cultural and aesthetic value, and many sentences or words are often quoted by people. Many businesses are willing to use allusions when choosing business names, because it can not only add a bit of elegance and simplicity to their companies and commodities, but also bring people to a special artistic conception, which is memorable and unforgettable, so as to enhance the effect of enterprise publicity

such as "Guangsha". At No. 166, Yugu Road, Hangzhou, a not tall but thick building looks quiet and serene. Guangsha group, a large Chinese construction enterprise, is located here. The name of this enterprise, which has created miracles in the domestic construction industry for many times, comes from Du Shi. Du Fu, a sage who cares about the country and the people, wrote countless sobbing poems in his life, and the song of thatched cottages broken by the autumn wind is one of them. In this poem, which makes scholars all over the world sad, we heard the words of blood and tears of an old poet who was in a desperate situation: "it is safe to have thousands of buildings, and the poor people all over the world have a happy face." I have "no shelter from the autumn wind, no food, no clothes to keep out the cold", but I still worry about others and take pity on the world. How many people are there in the world with such a mind? With the tide of history rolling forward, who will create Du Fu's thousands of "Guangsha"? Today's "Guangsha people" have bravely undertaken the important task of history, and have built thousands of "Guangsha" in dozens of countries and regions across the country and even overseas. Looking at home and abroad, Du Fu's eternal glory has now been beautifully presented

another example is "red beans". Jiangsu Hongdou Group was originally a small township factory, and its output value has been increasing

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