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Application of Shanghai shenweida large format paper cutter in honeycomb products

honeycomb paperboard is light in weight, high in strength, high in rigidity, and has excellent performance of cushioning, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation. It is easy to undergo special treatment and can be flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew proof and anti-static. Honeycomb paperboard products are mainly produced with recycled paper, which is low in cost, low in price and widely used. It is in line with the application and development trend of international packaging industry materials, Environmental protection, easy recycling, recyclable and resource saving; It is an ideal material for replacing wood with wood and replacing EPS plastic cushion liner

honeycomb paper core is based on the inspiration of bee hives in nature. It is made of paper into a continuous regular hexagonal structure, with the least materials and the greatest strength. The honeycomb core can be made of metal, kraft paper, recycled paper, fiber cloth, plastic and other materials. The surface layer of the honeycomb composite board is made of thin plates (cardboard, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, medium density board, plastic board, aluminum alloy board, stainless steel board, paper gypsum board, glass steel plate, decorative panel, etc.) as the surface layer. At present, there is no specific material for the depth of the tooth path in China. The hexagonal honeycomb core material is sandwiched in the middle, and various types of light and high plates are made by adhesive bonding

the cutting of honeycomb paperboard has always been a difficult problem in the industry. Because the honeycomb paperboard has a large size and strength, the cutting equipment is required to have a large size and strength. The sqzk1860r5 and sqzk2200r5 large-size paper cutters produced by shenweida company can not only meet the requirements of users for honeycomb paper production, but also have the largest cutting force in China. This is also determined by the unique machine structure of shenweida's large-size machine that gradually raises the piston

the sqzk1860r5 and sqzk2200r5 cutting drives produced by Shanghai shenweida company are double worm gear double pull single slider drives. The double worm gear drives the double pull rod to pull the blade downward to complete the cutting, which can make the cut object bear uniform force and greater cutting force. The single slide block structure can reduce the friction resistance of the slide block, which correspondingly increases the cutting force. Moreover, the platform of shenweida's large-scale machines is heavier than other machines, so the deformation of the table is smaller, ensuring the cutting accuracy of users. Compared with other large-size paper cutters in the market, shenweida can provide customers with more perfect cutting for honeycomb products, and continue the advantages of shenweida's long service life

at present, more than 90% of domestic honeycomb products companies choose the paper cutter of Shanghai shenweida company, such as Taizhou shuangdie group, Suzhou Wayne honeycomb products Co., Ltd., Suzhou Kaiteng honeycomb products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huayi honeycomb products Co., Ltd., Shangyu Xinde honeycomb products Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Yinglida industry and trade Co., Ltd, Fujian Beisen honeycomb New Material Co., Ltd.... Thank the above companies for purchasing shenweida's machines, and hope that more users can cooperate with Shanghai shenweida company. Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to provide you with cutting machinery to your satisfaction

source: Marketing Department of Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co., Ltd. Author: Li Ling

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