Application of SEM strategy in Baidu

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Application of portal SEM strategy in Baidu

portal in Baidu competitive ranking promotion, on the one hand, we need to pay attention to the station keyword search heat, on the other hand, we should pay attention to keyword promotion strategy. Most portal stations are characterized by taking traffic as the core and absorbing traffic as the main. Baidu's competitive ranking is to buy traffic. This practice is virtually to increase the traffic of the station by buying traffic. It belongs to the method of "profit, etc." there are two chucks on the installation. Many keywords are expensive in Baidu, and they are charged by click. The greater the traffic, the heavier the economic burden on the station. This is in contradiction with the development of the station. Invisibly becomes the practice of exchanging high interest for low interest. Therefore, it can only be used as a promotion means to quickly import traffic to increase the station brand construction at the initial stage of station establishment. Long term use is not recommended. It is recommended to use the hot zone in the keyword promotion of the portal. The hot zone is in the form of hard broadcasting. The advertising mode of one-time investment is not billed according to the traffic, which can save a lot of costs for the company. On the one hand, this method can increase the effect of station product push, on the other hand, it can also achieve the effect of importing traffic. The paid link will also affect the weight of the station and expand the display range in real time

for the development of portal stations, it is recommended to use SEO optimization. Its advantages for portal stations are:

1. The braking capacity of semi-metallic materials is less user-friendly: non promotional stations in search engines can increase users' attention to stations

2. Save a lot of promotion costs: most of the keyword promotion in portal stations carry out keyword ranking strategies, ranging from dozens to hundreds. For example, 1. The ball screw fruit will pay a lot of expenses in the form of bidding

3. Make the product conform to the user experience: make the station more suitable for search engine search through correct optimization, which is more suitable for users' usage habits (search engine search rules are implemented according to the user experience). Make the product design more in line with the user experience

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