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Application of shaftless (electronic shaft) transmission technology of gravure printing machine (Part 2)

2) rapid pre registration function

the mechanical transmission printing machine must carry out pre registration adjustment before operation after each version change to reduce the waste of initial overprint. Usually, rotary encoder is used for positioning. During the adjustment of floating roller, the material is too long, the operation is cumbersome, the time is long, the accuracy is not high, and the printing loss is large; The electronic shaft drive system calculates the rotation phase of each plate roller through the program. The plate roller only needs to be installed into the printing unit at will without restoring the "zero position", and then the servo motor will automatically turn the plate roller to the "zero position" to achieve high-precision pre registration in the true sense: the automatic registration printing state will be entered later, and the whole process is simple, convenient and fast

3) simple mechanical structure and high precision

in the traditional gravure printing press, the synchronization between printing units is ensured by a mechanical shaft through gear transmission. Due to the length, rigidity and hierarchical power transmission of the mechanical shaft, the instability of the mechanical transmission torque and the hysteresis caused by the transmission gap are inevitable. The transmission system error and the mechanical wear of the gear, the clockwise rotation of the pendulum, etc. make the error larger. For high-precision prints, there will be registration drift, especially when accelerating and decelerating. The more transmission links, the longer the path, the more complex the structure, the greater the cumulative error; The mechanical structure of the gravure printing machine without shaft (electronic shaft) transmission is greatly simplified. The compensation mechanism and the driving gear, gearbox, pulley, belt, transmission shaft of the printing plate cylinder are eliminated, which improves the stability and greatly reduces the waste products generated due to the impact of the mechanical structure. From the perspective of research, starting from the discharge of waste water and exhaust gas, it maximizes the cost performance, simplifies the mechanical lubrication system and reduces the machine noise, Reduce mechanical vibration and so on

4) the machine control realizes highly automatic shaftless (electronic shaft) transmission technology, so that each unit can not only be linked for printing, but also operate independently. It can realize that one unit is preparing for printing while the other unit is printing, which reduces the auxiliary time, and the machine combination is convenient, which improves the printing precision of the machine, shortens the debugging time, and enhances the adaptability of the equipment. The application of electronic shaft transmission technology requires better mechanical structure rigidity, higher parts manufacturing accuracy, higher installation accuracy, smaller load moment of inertia, etc. in addition, the matching with the load should be fully considered when selecting the system. While increasing enough load torque, it should also provide sufficient response capacity, and at the same time, it can eliminate the high-power drive motor, so as to save energy

3 development process of domestic shaftless (electronic shaft) drive gravure printing machine

after years of research and development, Shaanxi beiren printing machine company has made the electronic shaft drive gravure printing machine reach a high level. At the 2004 Shanghai International flexible packaging exhibition, the first shaftless gravure printing machine for flexible packaging film materials in China, which was manufactured by Shaanxi beiren, became the highlight of the conference and attracted the attention of domestic experts in the field of flexible packaging. The company immediately signed purchase and sales contracts with Japanese Hirano Co., Ltd., Hebei Chengde Lulu Group, Shanghai Hongyuan zhanyin, Foshan Changsheng and other enterprises. In January, 2004, a 300m/min shaftless (electronic axis) gravure printing machine was launched at the new product demonstration held by the company, which was called "melting Japan and catching up with Europe" by users, representing the highest level of gravure printing machine in China. The whole machine adopts an intelligent central console with remote diagnosis function, provides remote service and workflow for the specific fault points of the machine, and designs a system solution. Throughout the development of shaftless (electronic shaft) transmission, Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has gone through the following stages:

1) in 1997, the transmission shaft was removed from the high-speed dry process compound machine and the high-speed compound machine with independent transmission was launched

2) in 2000, in order to meet the requirements of coating and backing of decorative paper printing process, the decorative paper printing machine with independent drive was launched (but the tension swing roller mechanism and chromatic compensation mechanism were still retained)

3) in 2002, the transmission shaft and chromatic compensation mechanism were removed from the paper printing machine. Each printing unit was driven by a servo motor, which organically combined chromatic registration, pre registration, transmission system, etc. to launch a truly shaftless (electronic shaft) driven gravure printing machine

4) in 2004, the drive shaft, gear box and registration compensation mechanism were removed from the plastic film gravure printing machine. Each printing unit was driven by a servo motor, and the model was double receiving and double releasing. It is the highest level of the gravure printing machine without shaft (electric-t-- shaft) transmission in China at present. It is worth mentioning that the research on shaftless drive of plastic film gravure printing machine is more difficult. Due to the variety of printing materials in the printing process, great differences in extensibility, and the influence of tension and temperature, it is inevitable to bring about unstable feeding and inaccurate overprinting, but these have been solved through the supporting software system

(the total market value and free circulation market value of the index are 4.06 trillion yuan and 1.12 trillion yuan respectively by sunjingzhong, jiaoweikun and chengxiliang Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.)

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