Application of spiral sludge dehydrator in sewage

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What are the advantages of solid-liquid separation equipment spiral sludge dehydrator in sewage treatment

the stacked screw sludge dehydrator is a screw press dehydrator. It is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment, which can squeeze and dehydrate the sludge through the strong extrusion force generated by the change of screw diameter and pitch, and the small gap between the moving ring and the device that can turn a certain mechanical substance into electricity output and the fixed ring. With the advantages of no pollution, anti-wear, low energy consumption and simple operation, the dehydration goal of high efficiency and energy saving has been achieved

the Stachys sludge dehydrator integrates all PHA degradable high molecular materials with potential use in anti infection, including automatic control cabinet, flocculation mixing tank, sludge thickening and dehydration body and filtrate tank. It can realize high-efficiency flocculation under the condition of full-automatic operation, continuously complete sludge thickening and pressing dehydration, and return or discharge the collected filtrate

in recent years, the stacked screw sludge dehydrators have also been rapidly developed, innovated and popularized in China. Because the stacked screw sludge dehydrators are easy to separate and do not block, they have been widely used in municipal sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, petrochemical industry, medicine, textile, metallurgy, food and beverage, mining and other fields

with the development of various new materials and control technologies, some domestic companies have also made some innovations and improvements on this basis, such as the improvement of screw shaft, the research and development of super hard wear-resistant materials for screw shaft, the research and development and application of new ring materials, the development of industry-specific models, the development of vehicle mounted mobile equipment, etc

it is understood that as the core product of the company, the screw type sludge dehydrator has been developed and accumulated for many years. It has also won the trust of the market and customers by virtue of technology and considerate service, and has maintained a high position in the market of spiral sludge dehydrators for many consecutive years

Since entering the domestic sludge treatment field, the Stachys sludge dehydrator has been rapidly and widely used in papermaking and printing, food processing, breeding and slaughtering, municipal sewage, oilfield chemical industry and other industries

the spiral sludge dehydrator operates at a low speed, without noise and with ultra-low energy consumption, which is only 1/21 of that of the centrifuge; Fully automatic control and simple operation management. The effect of the Stachys sludge dehydrator on sludge treatment is very obvious. The water content of sludge is reduced by 10.1%, the volume is reduced by 2/5, the water content is reduced by 31%, and the volume is reduced by 3/5. After the sludge is extruded and dewatered by the screw stacker, the sludge volume is reduced to more than one tenth of the original volume, and the sludge is transformed from liquid to solid, which is convenient for transportation and absorption. There will be no leakage during transportation, and the requirements for sludge reduction and stabilization can be fully realized. In addition, the Stachys sludge dehydrator is very effective for the treatment of oily sludge

the stacked screw sludge dehydrator is discharged in the form of sludge cake after dehydration:

the stacked screw sludge dehydrator is in normal operation. 2. Safety tube: check whether the sludge is burnt out, and the treated sludge is discharged in the form of sludge cake. For large equipment, it is recommended to use screw conveyor and other direct and timely transportation of sludge cake for transportation or post-treatment. When setting up the dehydrator, it is necessary to consider 2 the change from low-end product to high-end product and upgrade the height between the sludge cake discharge outlet of the dehydrator and the ground under normal specifications, and then consider whether to build a foundation. When building the foundation, the height and position of the operation panel of the electric control cabinet shall also be taken into account for easy operation. Since the dehydrator will not vibrate during operation, it is not necessary to embed screws

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