Application of simulation forming analysis of the

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Application of stamping simulation forming analysis in automobile floor

Abstract: combined with the application of eta/dynaform software in the design and die manufacturing of a complex automobile floor, this paper introduces the experience in stamping simulation of complex automobile floor

key words: stamping simulation forming

facing the increasingly fierce competition in the automotive market, customers have higher and higher requirements for automotive quality and performance. The automotive industry has put forward the 3R strategy, which is to shorten the market-oriented cycle of products, reduce the cost of product development and reduce the quality of vehicles. With the development of computer technology and finite element technology, finite element simulation analysis technology has played a more and more important role in the design of large automobile panels and mold manufacturing. The application of simulation analysis technology can greatly reduce the cost, shorten the production cycle and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. At present, there are some specialized and commercialized finite element simulation and analysis software for sheet metal forming in the domestic and foreign markets, such as eta/dynaform, AutoForm, etc., which can solve the problems encountered in the forming process, such as the design and modification of formability, wrinkling, springback, scratch, tonnage prediction, drawbead, mold polyurethane, etc. Based on the stamping simulation in the design and die manufacturing of an automobile bottom plate, this paper expounds some key technical problems in the finite element simulation analysis of sheet metal forming and the application experience of eta/dynaform software stamping simulation

1 implementation process of stamping simulation and forming analysis

in the process of applying the finite element simulation and analysis software for sheet metal forming to carry out panel stamping simulation, it mainly includes three basic parts, namely, establishing the calculation model, calculating and analyzing the calculation results, of which the most important work is to establish the calculation model

Figure 1 stamping simulation process

2 application of an example analysis of stamping simulation forming of an automobile bottom plate mold

now in the manufacturing process of an automobile bottom plate mold, it is found that the product mold manufacturing process is very complex. According to the experience of mold process experts, it is very difficult to manufacture, and the success of its mold manufacturing cannot be accurately judged through experience. In order to further reduce the development cost and shorten the development cycle, relevant stamping simulation analysis is considered

2.1 analysis of mathematical modeling

complete the relevant CAD mathematical model through the relevant 3D CAD software system, read the surface data into eta/dynaform in a certain data conversion format (such as IGES, etc.), then divide the grid, and repair the intersection, overlap and small holes of these grid cells to meet the analysis needs, so as to ensure that the normal direction of grid cells is consistent

2.2 analysis and calculation and result analysis (the unit system adopted in this paper is ton-mm-s-n)

2.2.1 initial deformation of large sheet metal

as shown in Figure 1, the established sheet metal model does not fit with the lower die, but in actual stamping, due to the deformation of the sheet metal under its own gravity, the effect of its own gravity must be taken into account for the stamping simulation calculation of large dies such as automobile floor, Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the deformation stress and displacement of sheet metal under the action of gravity

Figure 2 (upper and lower) mold, sheet metal and blank holder model figure

Figure 3 equivalent stress

Figure 4 displacement change

2.2.2 blank holder closure and stamping forming simulation after initial deformation of sheet metal under the action of gravity

this example preliminarily gives the technical results of the forming process. The adopted process parameters are common values, without considering the accurate opening line and other factors. The blank holder closure and stamping forming simulation calculation are carried out after the sheet metal deformation under the action of gravity, The results are as follows:

Fig. 7 thickness change

Fig. 8 thinning rate

Fig. 9 forming limit diagram (cracking and wrinkling)

Fig. 10 actual stamping result diagram (cracking)

Fig. 11 actual stamping result diagram (wrinkling)

3 application summary

the above is only one American trader who applied eta/dynaform software to carry out die stamping simulation analysis, and the application verified the defects of this product in die manufacturing, Provide theoretical basis for product development and mold manufacturing. As an excellent special simulation and analysis software for sheet metal forming, eta/dynaform has powerful functions. It is more and more widely used in the company's new product development of sheet metal parts and mold manufacturing, from automobile covering parts (mainly sheet metal parts) to various sheet metal forming parts. Eta/dynaform will effectively accelerate the development progress of new products in the design and processing of automobile molds and components, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce costs and improve product quality, and greatly improve and enhance the enterprise's hard-working technical level and competitiveness. In a word, eta/dynaform and in addition to the above configurations, the software provides us with powerful and rich functions, which need to be studied and discussed by everyone


1 eta/dynaform user's manual version 2.0 [m] release date: March 151997 (end)

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