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The open study originates from the design of modern style. Both modern style and modern simplicity have made a full open design for the bedroom, and the home is no longer completely closed like the tradition. At present, the decoration of young people mostly adopts the modern style, and they also maintain the state of support for the open study. So what is an open study? Here is a brief introduction to the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

generally speaking, the design style of the open study is more simple, and the combination of necessary items is a comfortable and simple open study. Tatami has become one of the innovations of open study. The role of tatami must be very clear to everyone. Changing tatami into a study is suitable for young people. Sitting on a cushion and setting up a small table, you can enjoy the differences between traditional study and open study

the open study can be designed behind the living room, next to the dining room, or on the balcony. These methods of open study decoration are more space-saving than traditional study design, and do not need too much decoration. A simple desk and bookcase can interpret its use

the open study is highly used in life. It is tailored for young people at present. It is both beautiful and practical. It is the way many people choose. If your home wants to create a space-saving study, you might as well consider the way of open study decoration. (internship editor fangzhiqiang)




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