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­ Tencent Entertainment recently, Zhu Zhen became a "home decoration consultant" and chose furniture with Jacky Xue and his son. However, Jacky Xue just sat down in the home decoration network "becoming a new home from a craftsman" some time ago. Zeng roast's father "doesn't understand decoration", and he will participate in the 10th program next week. Netizens teased that "Jacky Xue's real purpose in participating in the program is to take home decoration experience!" In the 9th program broadcast yesterday, Li Yanan surprised Wang Zulan by revealing that he only borrowed clothes on the program, which also triggered heated discussion. This exclusive title of Nippon and produced by SMG Internet program center, "becoming a new home with a craftsman" has been broadcast for only 8 periods, and the broadcast volume has exceeded 100million. The period is full of highlights, leading the home decoration network

­ Jacky Xue and Zhu Zhen

­ "Fairy tale bedroom" realizes the dream, girl heart Li Yanan exposes that Wang Zulan's clothes are only borrowed, not bought

­ The owner of this issue is a post-90s fashion blogger. Full of girlishness, she hopes to have an exclusive cloakroom. She asked the designer to create a fully functional "fairy tale bedroom" for her. The transformed bedroom is pink and tender, full of warm and sweet breath. The cloakroom is especially attentive. The wardrobe adopts a detachable partition cabinet, which is convenient for handling. In the center of the room, there is a glass display cabinet that can be used as a dressing table, which shines brightly under the light, making it extremely dreamy

­ The part of Li Yanan's home that he most wants to transform happens to be the cloakroom. There are only twoorthree wardrobes in the home where most of their clothes are stored. Due to the lack of storage space, Li Yanan had to give up "buy buy buy buy", and she even revealed: "we only borrow clothes when we participate in the program." The designer immediately offered suggestions. There is a "lazy Wardrobe" that can store clothes after undressing. It can save space and is very suitable for busy stars

­ Li Yanan and designer

­ Jacky Xue "learned" from "craftsman becomes a new home" and "consultant" Zhu Zhen accompanied him to buy furniture

­ Stars always come to "change a craftsman into a new home" for help with their difficult home decoration problems. Jacky Xue, the first guest, once joked that his father's decoration style was too "low" and did not dare to start decoration easily after buying a new house. Therefore, he specially came to the "good brother" Zhu Zhen's section to "learn lessons". Zhu Zhen presided over many programs and learned a lot of "dry goods". Recently, he was exposed to accompany Jacky Xue and his son to buy furniture and enthusiastically play the role of "home decoration consultant". Netizens commented one after another: "how can one learn from experience be enough? Every aspect of the house must be taken care of!" As everyone expected, Jacky Xue will be a guest again next week on "becoming a new home with a craftsman", and will consult with the owner about "toilets" with the universal designer

­ Li Yanan and Zhu Zhen

­ The designers invited by "change a craftsman into a new home" are all elites from the design industry. The winning designers of each issue will personally choose furniture and home decoration materials. With their full help, the local space after the transformation can always exceed the expectations of the owners. In addition, many young designers are also impressive. Designer Li Dapu always explains the transformation method in the plan, and even directly provides a furniture purchase list. The plan of "giving it fishing" is affectionately called "Li Dapu's home decoration class" by netizens

­ In the next program, Jacky Xue will expose his father's "another masterpiece" - the "smallest bathroom in history" for the first time! What makes designers complain more than roast? On August 3, Tencent video "from craftsman to new home" showed that designers helped owners transform "multi-functional toilets"


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